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How to get back into study mode?

Asked by davduggan (48points) March 28th, 2011

Right… I’ve lost all track of myself lately. Got to get the head back in the books, has anyone got any tips to help me really focus on my study? Concentration is what I need.

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I have this problem sometimes. I just have to force myself into following a strict schedule…once I actually begin studying I usually can get into it, especially if the material is interesting. Also, get away from the computer, and, if possible, don’t have the t.v. on. Go somewhere quiet if you can. Sometimes I go over to my campus to study because it keeps me away from the distractions of home (and I live by myself, lol!) Even household chores can be a deterrent if I have studying to do…

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Turn off your internet connection.

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Set aside a time to study ever day. Plan what you are going to study, and then force yourself to sit down and study at the scheduled time. No music, no radio, no TV, and no Web.

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Make a list of things you have to accomplish, first. Not a ridiculous list, so that you feel bad if you don’t get them done.. but a managable list. Maybe one for the whole week. (My boyfriend does this, but I cannot think that far ahead!) Accept that you will likely need to take breaks, and think of a way to ‘reward’ yourself for studying.. maybe after an hour, or after you accomplish something specific, go eat some ice cream, or spend half an hour watching TV, etc. I’ve never been one to sit still for more than a couple hours and study. Best of luck… getting back into the swing of studying after breaks (I’m assuming Spring Break) is really difficult… especially when it is so close to summer!

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Do what everyone else has said, and also make sure you know why you’re studying. That is, why it’s important to study (I know this seems like it’s obvious, but often times, this can be a serious problem for many students throughout their academic career).

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Along with all the suggestions above, go to the library or somewhere other than your normal study spot. I found this helped me a lot when I had to get some serious work done and I was finding it hard to focus and ignore all those distractions. I used to go to a colleagues office and I got a lot done.

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