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How do you cite an edited book in APA format?

Asked by chelseababyy (7934points) September 5th, 2009

So I have to write this paper for my Psych class and we need to be able to cite an edited book. This is the book I’m working with. As you can see on the cover, it states the two editors, and if you read further to the “Contents” page, you can see all the chapters and their authors.
I’ve googled it and I’ve gone to tons of cites, but I can’t seem to come up with something that makes sense. Do I just cite the editors, or do I have to cite ALL of those authors?

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Ignore the individual essay authors.

Lynn, S. J., & Rhue, J. W. (Eds.). (1991). Theories of hypnosis: Current models and perspectives. New York: Guilford Press.

(I really despise APA format)

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If it is really a problem for you this site will do it for you – students can get a one week free trial.

My daughter’s teachers this year are insisting on MLA format. Last year they all wanted APA format.

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I hate APA format, as well, and have to use it for most of my papers. I did find one site that was really helpful, in that they give you examples for just about every kind of reference material you can think of. Websites, books, magazines, etc. I have it bookmarked as a reference and use this site lots.

The OWL at Purdue: APA Formatting and Style

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@lefteh Thank you! That’s what I thought, but I wasn’t sure. And believe me, I despise it just as much as you!!

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@chelseababyy Make friends with It will save you a lot of hassle with APA formatting. The free features are great, and if you subscribe (I think it costs less than ten bucks a year) it’s even better.

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Try Word 2007, it gives you a window to enter in book title, authors, years, publishers, edition, etc. (It is in References tab). It automatically generates bibliography, copy from it and paste anywhere you want. It places citation where your cursor is before opening the sources window.
You can even switch to other styles by selecting from styles drop down list, APA, MLA, adapts automatically. Give it a try, it’s easy once you know it. You don’t have to remember anything.

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@prasad – Great tip, thanks! I’m new to 2007, that’s a pretty handy feature.

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@AlenaD Welcome! 2007 is better. It includes additions such as bibliography, equations and lot of styles to choose from. Microsoft has online tutorials that take you step by step through basic features. There are some good word pros here on fluther too.

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@prasad I found a format for APA, it was useful. I just needed to site an edited book for an annoted bibliography.

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I have used the information and entered it in Word 2007; and generated from it. Below is what I copied same from Word 2007:

Lynn, S. J., & Rhue, J. W. (Eds.). (1991). Theories of hypnosis: current models and perspectives. New York: The Guilford Press.

I have created a power-point presentation of how to do this. It is self explanatory. Ask me if there’s any doubt. Below are links for the presentation:
pptx 2007 format (size 757 kb)
ppt 2003 format” (size 819 kb)
pdf (size 564 kb)

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