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Do you recognize this story?

Asked by josie (30931points) March 29th, 2011

My dad had this book, that was a childhood book of his own.
He read it to me when I was a little kid.
His copy of the book is long lost, certainly not in his stuff when he passed away, and probably not even in print anymore.
But I was feeling nostalgic and wondered if it might still be out there in some library or something.
There is this kid, named Pete.
He gets shrunken down to a tiny size.
They invent this little compartment that is so small he can sit in it.
They strap the compartment on an albatross’s back.
The albatross can talk.
Pete and the albatross fly to some foreign land to steal secrets from a dictator who wants to rule the world, or something like that.

What do you think? Sound familiar? Thanks.

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Could it be The Leather Albatross?
Sorry I could find zero photos of it, but if you request a scan you could see the cover here

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When I had a dilemma like this, I went here and had it solved almost immediately. It used to be free, but $2.00 is a small price to pay to find out which childhood book you are remembering (which, in my case, turned out to be David and the Phoenix.)

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Ooh- from the site I just posted-

“Robert Lawson, The Fabulous Flight. Could this be it? A boy suffers an injury that causes him to shrink to a very tiny size. He makes friends with a seagull and they have some wild adventures together. I think there is a part where the seagull is trapped, but I could be wrong. ”

MetroGnome217's avatar is a site where you can look up any type of media through themes, cliches, etc. I would give that a shot.

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BIZARRE for some reason my link above doesn’t give the entire title of the book I showed. Here it is:
The Leather Albatross (Pete Foster Code Name Magnum #1) [Paperback]

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This sure looks like it. I think we found your book :>)

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@crisw nice

EDIT: Yes, read the first review, too…it is exactly what you are looking for!

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@crisw That is the one. Thanks for the effort. Thanks for the site too.

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No problem! Those are the kinds of puzzles I love :>)

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