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Can you help me locate this vintage 1920's/30's advertising art poster?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) March 29th, 2011

Hi…A few weeks ago, I caught part of an episode of “Arrested Development”’s on at odd hours here, so though I have wanted to see it, I’d rather get it on video so that I can see it from the beginning.

Anyway, in the bit that I saw, there was this lovely vintage advertising poster for the old gramophones (I am not sure what company it was). It was not one with the dog (RCA-His Master’s Voice). It pictured a man and a woman dancing on top of the record that was placed on the gramophone. It had bright colors and looked like an Art 1920’s or 1930’s advertising poster. It was an illustration (not a photo).

Because I am not a viewer, I don’t know where this poster was located. I think that it was in an office (?). It seemed that way, anyway. It seemed to be a setting that was often used.

Any idea where I can find this poster or what company this might have been advertising? I would love to find one to purchase.

Thank you!

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(Lovely research, both of you.)

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@ratboy…....Grazie! Grafofoni Columbia!!! Superb!! You are a super-star!!

Big messy Lurve hugs and kisses! And thank you, @bkcunningham for contributing to solving my mystery as well!

Lurve on the way!

@gailcalled…Lurve to you, too….it was fantastic research and my question was answered so quickly…..Jellies Rock!

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@ratboy‘s link no longer works. Is there somewhere else where we can see the winning entry?

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