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What is the best way to find a roommate?

Asked by holli (487points) March 30th, 2011

My amazing roommate is moving out in July to live with her SO and I am stuck with the very tough case of finding a roommate who isn’t creepy, is responsible, is someone I could live with, etc. I have looked over craigslist and all of the roommate hunting sites (which charge and I do not want to pay for a service that isn’t guaranteed), and have checked with friends – most of whom are in permanent living arrangements. I’m open to any suggestions.

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Do you live near a collage or university? Most have places to post fliers for roommates. I always had good luck with doing it.

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You can put an ad in the paper. Even the free/cheap ones will do. Go through an intereview process, ask all the important questions, and go from there.

I’m in a roommate situation right now with friends and it was just a bad idea. I’ll never do the roommate thing again, so hopefully you’ll have better luck with your new roommate.

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There’s craiglist.
Back me up, @Sarcasm!
ETA: Ah nevermind, you already said craigslist.

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I let all my friends know I was looking and one of them knew someone who had what turned out to be the ideal set-up. Ask, ask, ask your friends and family and co-workers and fellow volunteers and so on.

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Hi, Holli!

I would let them call you…with you posting on boards in places where people with similar interests as you might congregate. For example, if you are into health food (at health food store), if you like exercising (at the gym), If you belong to any group, church, organization…on their boards, etc. And or run a cool ad..on Craigs List and be really specific as to who you are looking for…someone who isn’t messy, has nice friends, picks up after herself, has a good sense of humor and doesn’t play music loudly, mustn’t mind my howling at the moon on Sunday nights or whatever.

What DR would do:

1. Ask some basic questions over the phone.
2. Choose the top six or how every many…and meet them.
3. Observe them, ask them harder questions.
4. I would then decide which looked most promising then I would run an astrological chart on them…and check their handwriting. (Yes, I know…but this would be me).
5. Get together somewhere to meet them in person.
6. Then, after you have really narrowed it down to two or three, have them come to the apartment and interview them….not under a light or anything… but a conversation where you ask some good questions.

Questions I would ask:

1. Are you a day person or a night person?
2. Why are you looking for a roommate?
3. Have you been good about paying your rent on time?
4. Do you have your boyfriend/girlfriend over to sleep often? Or do you go there? (You don’t want to end up with two roommates all the time.)
5. Do you like (and fill in the things you like to do, things you enjoy, etc. I say this because if you like roast beef and they are vegan and can’t stand the smell of meat…or tobacco or whatever…it will be a problem.)
6. How would we solve any disagreements we have? For example (and think of some possible disagreement you have had in the past with a roommate and present it to them and see how they would handle it…this will give you a lot of insight as to how things might go.)
7. How would we handle guests visiting? (Parents, siblings, etc)
8. What do you do for work/where do you go to school? Will paying the rent be a problem for you? (You don’t want to have someone move in and then they start having difficulties with the rent.)
9. Ask for three references from other roommates with phone numbers…and the landlords, too.

I think that often, the reason people get stuck with crazy roommates is because they weren’t thorough in checking a person out.

If you can find someone that is in your circle of friends….that has already lived with someone you know….then you won’t need to be so thorough. You can just ask your friends…but unfortunately that’s not possible all the time.

Best of luck!

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Don’t just look at whats already on Craigslist, post your own ad. Way easier.

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go to the near area of school….

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