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My dog has been skunked, what do I do?

Asked by jonsblond (43845points) March 30th, 2011

It’s bedtime, I haven’t slept for days, I just let my dog out to pee before bed and he came back reeking of skunk spray. He usually sleeps in our room on the floor next to our bed. In fact, he’s in there right now with my husband.

I did a little research and read that the smell from the oils can last for up to two years if the dog has a thick coat and it’s not washed immediately. What other facts should I know about skunk spray? Should I have Bear sleep in the mud room? Will my room reek forever now?

Help please!

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If you have tomato juice, wash him in it. That’s what I always heard.

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Me too re:tomato juice.

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bath in tomato juice to kill the skunk smell, regular shampoo to kill the tomato smell

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Darnit, no juice and no store open within 17 miles. :(

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At least you made me smile @janbb, lol

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Mixture of ⅓ vinegar and ⅔ water. Spray it only on the skunk-sprayed area to avoid the spread of it. You have to do this a few times, but once the smell is subdued you can give the dog a bath and wash him with dish soap.

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We sell something at the pet store I work at called Natures Miracle. It evidently works quite well from what customers have told me.

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A quick google search brought me to this page, it looks helpful.

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This may be worth trying too.

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Will it be worse the longer I let it be? as you can notice I’m not washing at the moment :/

@Nef, that’s the site I found too. Thanks for looking!

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@jonsblond from what Ive read, yes. But from working at the store ive known plenty of people that didnt get that product till the next day and it still worked. Sooo if ya just want to say fuck it and go to bed id say youd be alright still.

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@uberbatman Yeah, I’m thinking the dogs will spend the night in the mudroom. They are both lying next to each other, so I’m sure Spot has some on him now too. Two dogs and two baths make for a long night. ugh, I don’t know how Jon is sleeping with it right now. He’s tough! (or it’s the beer helping him sleep)

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Take him into the shower and shampoo him

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@jonsblond no, he just thinks your dog smells like some serious weed so its not botherin him :P

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@jonsblond The longer the oils sit, the worse this will be. I’d make a concoction with peroxide ASAP…but I always have peroxide in my house. At the worst, Dawn should help get some of this off now until you can get to a pet store in the AM to get some Skunk Remover.

I’d also make certain to watch over the dog tomorrow. If his eyes or nose swells, get him to the vet.

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Thanks @SpatzieLover. Our bathroom is next to our bedroom. I won’t be able to give the dogs a bath tonight because I’m worried I’ll keep Jon up if I do. He needs to wake up at 5am.

I have the dogs in the mudroom for now. I just checked on them and the mudroom stinks like crazy. I checked Bear for bites and scratches and he looks fine. I’ll keep an eye on him.

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I had a grooming shop in the kennel for about 20 years. We took care of skunked dogs all the time. What works best is the good old fashioned Massingill Douche, the yellow powder in the jar. Mix it double strength. Give the dog a good bath in regular shampoo, towel as dry as you can the dump the douche mixture in a spray bottle and saturate the dog with it, concentrating on the areas directly hit. Don’t dry or towel the dog, let him dry naturally. It is not a total cure but works better (and is a lot less messy than tomato juice). When the dog gets wet the smell will be there a little bit for about 6 months, but dry, you shouldn’t notice anything.

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This happened to me late on Sunday night. I was dog sitting a friends dog and I let him and my dog out for their last “business” of the night. To my horror I saw them corral a skunk in the front yard and saw the guest dog get sprayed. I screamed for the dogs to come in and quickly dragged him into the bathroom and locked him in the bathtub and my dog ran into my bedroom kinda freaked out. I ran the shower on the guest dog and went to check on my dog and realized my dog who was now sitting on my bed got the brunt of the spray.

I didn’t have on ounce of tomato juice and this was 20 + years ago when only 7–11 was open past 10 pm on a Sunday. I had to drive to 3 of them and bought up every little can of tomato juice they had and was up all night scrubbing two dogs…the worst was my bed room and I had to sleep with the windows wide open on a frigid November night.


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My dog got it good last year.
I used vinegar that night with dog shampoo.The following day tomato juice.
I feel for ya.That smell will knock you out.

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I just got a gallon of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, not easy to get.
If you could find some, dilute it to the proper ratio and warsh that pup and he will smell like a Spring Day-Guarantee it!

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