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Are you still an 80's hair metal rocker at heart?

Asked by Flubber (12points) April 18th, 2008

I miss how fun concerts used to be. I have been to many concerts of many types over the years but they just don’t stack up to a good heavy metal concert like back in the 80’s. Now a days you have to act mature at a concert. Back in the day you were a poser, a rocker, you had fun, you got dressed up, you were pumped up! you rocked. Now you call co-worker who could give a ratt’s ass just to let someone know you went to a Dave Matthews concert last night and stood there like a sweet potato…

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I don’t know who this Dave guy is but I saw Motörhead not that long ago.
So I guess that means F———-CK yeah!

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I never was an 80s hair metal rocker. I was born in 87. But I love hip hop shows. =D
People get crazy at some Bay Area (“Yay Area”) shows. Really damn hyphy.
I went to a reggae gig last Wednesday, too. That was… an experience.
In high school, I had some punk rock friends who I went to shows with. We were frequently in the crowd at Whiskey Rebels shows.

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I still dig on some old Crue and old Priest but I was never that much of a fan anyway. I was more of your Black Flag, DK, Gas Huffer, Melvins fan. I still love Motorhead, and some single songs from the old hair bands…
Too fast for love still makes me wanna break sh1t and f*ck on the floor in a pile of cigarettes.

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For the record, I was just using Dave Mattews as an example. I know who he is and is talented for sure but not my thing. I want to rock!!!! Whitesnake! Dokken! Ratt! I love 60’s and 70’s rock too but I was a teen in the metal years and have many cool memories…

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I at least tolerated Dave Matthews until I realized that EVERY frat guy likes him. Why is this? I should post it. This really is an enigma to my friends and I.
I just realized Motörhead isn’t really hair metal, but whatever, I’m a fan of Van Halen (not to be confused with Van Hagar).

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i got Dio and Dokken in my car!

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Nice! Listening to metal while driving is too cool. It puts you in good spirits. HAIR NATION!

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Mullets, perms and highlights…......ahh, the way hair should be styled!
Poison, Warrant, Winger, Motley Crue, Europe… they knew how to dress and style!

Anyone looking to relive it, should really check this out.

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I still love Hair Bands from the eighties!

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