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What is a not moving violation?

Asked by Finley (833points) April 15th, 2012

What is a not moving violation? not a NON moving but a NOT moving violation? My sister got one, just wondering.

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I’m not sure I understand the question. As far as I know there are “moving violations” and violations that are not moving violations; no “not moving violations.” I’ve never heard of such a thing, but I could be wrong. Was she maybe told it was not a moving violation? Things that are not moving violations are things like expired tags, having a brake light out, that sort of thing. Moving violations are things like speeding, running a red light, changing lanes in an intersection, etc. What was the citation actually for? What’s on the ticket? What was she cited for?

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She said that the car ahead of her got one and the two cars behind her got one and the officer said he “had to” give her one since they got one. She said she was trying to keep up with traffic on the way to myrtle beach?

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@Finley Do you know what it actually says on your sister’s ticket? What exactly she was cited for? It it has to say on the ticket what the violation was. She was ticketed for violating a specific statute of some kind, I believe. There are no generic moving or “not moving violation” tickets as far as I know. The officer would have to specify what she was being cited for.

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They never have to do anything, of course, but police officers tend to play fast and loose with the truth. Still, “keeping up with traffic” is not an excuse anywhere as far as I know. I second @lillycoyote‘s question, though. What exactly is on her ticket? I’ve never heard of a not moving violation before.

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I think he just cut her a break and gave her a non moving ticket so that there wouldn’t be any insurance points. Can they do that? I can’t see the ticket because I don’t live with her.

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Weird. Hard to say without more information, @Finley. Non-moving violations are for offenses such as parking, not wearing your seatbelt, jaywalking, using your phone/texting (although I suspect that’s going to change, eventually), and as @lillycoyote says, correctable violations such as broken lights, etc.

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I wonder if blocking an intersection during a light change would qualify?

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@Finley Yes, the police have a lot of discretion as to whether or not to ticket you in the first place, and what to ticket you for; they can just let you get on your way, issue you a warning or issue you a citation and decide what to cite you for, but if they do issue a citation it has to be for something and it will say so on the ticket. And you may be right about deciding to issue a ticket for a lesser violation. He may have just told her something like “Don’t worry, it’s not a moving violation” because decided to cut her a break and those are more serious.

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Non-moving violation is like a parking ticket or some other parking violation.

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Parking ticket, illegal window tint, expired license plate…

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I don’t see how she could get a ticket that was not a mpving violation if sje was ticketed for driving fast, which is what I assume she was doing since you mention keeping up with traffic. Non moving would be what @Judi just gave examples of. Usually the best thing about them is they don’t, or usualky don’tI might be forgetting something, add any points to your license, they just carry a fine.

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