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If you didn't wear a traditional wedding gown or tux to your wedding, what did you wear?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (26692points) April 2nd, 2011

I would love to hear some stories about what was worn at weddings that were more low-key. It doesn’t even have to be your own, just one that you attended. What was the circumstance for the bride and groom’s choice?

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I got married on the beach and wore a gown like Carolyn Bessette’s when she married that Kennedy guy.XD
A couple I know left the beach,and got married under the water.Their wetsuits looked like a tux and white gown.:)

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My wife wore a traditional gown, the brides maids dresses matched, but the men wore simple suits. It was an outdoor wedding and not fussy at all.

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My husband wore his dress blues and I wore a nice white dress (not a real wedding dress.)

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I wore a mauve long dress that was made for me.

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@lucillelucillelucille Carolyn’s dress was stunning. To think of wearing something like that on the beach for a wedding has a special style of classiness…and it suits you well. The wet-suit example is creative. I’d love to see their wedding album photos. I bet that they are a hoot.

@hawaii_jake Just curious…did you get any push-back from your bride about not wearing a tux since she was wearing a traditional gown?

@optimisticpessimist Did you buy the dress for the ceremony or did you already own it?

@marinelife Your dress sounds beautiful. I like the idea of a non-traditional color.

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We wore Renaissance outfits. I had an elaborate green dress with lots of piping; he had a russet-brown outfit. It was a very casual wedding, in our backyard, with a potluck reception, and our dogs were the ring-bearers :>)

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Here we are on our wedding day. I was around 8 months pregnant. I chose fabrics from a store and added to the skirt I bought in South Africa. I designed the dress and my aunt made it for me. The whole dress cost $100.

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@crisw Your response is so worth having asked this question. Thank you for sharing.

Much the same to you @Simone_De_Beauvoir and for sharing the photo. It is fantastic. Will you tell us how your husband chose what he wore?

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@Pied_Pfeffer This outfit was given to him by my best friend that led the ceremony. It was his, from Pakistan.

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They don’t have the exact same clothes in stock anymore, but I picked a top and skirt from Holy Clothing. They’re comfortable, fancy in a certain way, and my entire wedding get-up cost less than $100.

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@Pied_Pfeffer : No, yes was all for wearing regular suits.

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I wore a floor length pale pink dress. There was a scarf type affair that went around the scoop neckline to the back where it was then tied. Hard to describe, but quite pretty and only $20 from a catalogue where it was on sale! It cost me that much to have it hemmed because it was the dress and the chiffon-ish overlayer. White ballerina flats for footwear.

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@Pied_Pfeffer : I think I was momentarily off my rocker. My last post should have read, “No, she was all for wearing regular suits.”

Thanks for your patience, everyone.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I bought it for the ‘ceremony.’ I do not normally wear white; I really do not look good in it unless I am really tan. If I had found something I liked in my size in off-white I would have gotten that instead.

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I had a military wedding, so I wore my dress blue uniform. : )

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The first time, we wore traditional wedding attire (with the exception of my shoes… I wore satin ballet slippers). At the reception, I wore my black wayfarers, though. ;)
For my second (and final) wedding, he wore a beautiful charcoal colored suit with a french blue shirt, and I wore a long, slinky white dress with a hint of sparkle. It had lingerie straps.

@laureth Thanks for the link to that clothing site. Beautiful stuff, reasonably priced and in my size! Awesome.

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When I got married a couple of weeks ago I wore a sundress with blue flowers and green and black leaves with a black shrug. He wore a matching blue shirt with a black necktie. It was absolutely perfect! The first time I went with the traditional white dress – it is in a box in my attic and will probably stay there until the house falls to the ground. @augustlan I wore satin ballet slippers at my first wedding too! No wayfareres for me though!

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Being practical, I wanted a dress I could wear later, rather than one I’d box up and save for a daughter or someone. I chose a plain beige sateen for the base dress. It was sleeveless with a scoop neck, a tight waist and a full mid calf length skirt. For the wedding, I had a long sleeved lace top with buttons up the back and a small hat with a little veil. Looked good for the wedding day. I never wore them again. On our honeymoon, I went to the Metropolitan Opera wearing the dress with a flame colored silk stole. I wore it many times after that with various accessories. I’m still pleased with my choice and so is my husband.

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I bought a floor length, cream colored evening dress with spaghetti straps on a very good sale one fall and, lo and beholsd! got married in it the next summer. I made a lace pashmina that closed at my back and fell to the floor. I got very slim a few years ago and tried the dress on, the bodice seemed to have moved! My first wedding dress was the traditional white, a lovely dress.

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I had a beautiful deep red dress made for me. It was in two pieces, with a dress for the evening and then for the ceremony, it had a full skirt that I could take off. My husband wore a suit. We got married on a cliff top overlooking the ocean.

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presumably there may be other aspects of the wedding that are also not by the book and they can guide you. My wife and I met at our yoga center and we later got married there. We’re not hindu but we wore some snappy simple Indian outfits that were very comfortable and fit with the combined vedic/new-age ceremony. They were cheap too, the wedding wasn’t shoestring budget (we chartered a boat for the reception) but it doesn’t hurt to save $ on aspects that can be done to your satisfaction on less.
Be happy with your own ideas and don’t let anyone talk you into something you really don’t like just because. The first time I got married (I’m on my second much more mature and happy marriage) I thought I was being cooperative letting people insist their ideas on the ceremony and I regretted that later.

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