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What are you wearing to work today?

Asked by robmandu (21280points) August 18th, 2008

Me? I’m wearing jeans, t-shirt, Chuck Taylors. Like most days.

Is today’s clothing choice the usual for you? How does your appearance compare to your cow-orkers? Do you think your clothes affect your performance? Or maybe how people perceive your performance?

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depends on the job that you work at.

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i work at as a tutor like person babysitting and teaching at the same time, it’s really fun, cause i like kids.

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I’ll be wearing scrubs. everybody else wears scrubs (except the patients who will in a tasteful gown stamped with the words property of some hospital I’ve never heard of)

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Jeans, black t-shirt, grey jersey flats with printed stars and matching scarf w. accessories.
We have no dress code, so as long as I don’t show up in my PJ’s, I think I’ll be OK.

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Old jeans, old t-shirt, dirty old work boots.

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hat, half-gloves, high-flyer jeans, rag in my back pocket like jeff hardy, and a collared t-shirt.

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@maniac, might need a snapshot… trying to visualize…

> half-gloves : those the kind without fingers? or just one half of a pair a la Michael Jackson?
> high-flyer jeans : those have an extra tall zipper?
> collared t-shirt : like a polo? or like a tuxedo t?

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no finger, slightly torn jeans, and yes like a polo.

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I am wearing these new black and white print capris that I bought on friday. i went shopping because it was tax-free weekend, and then they were 40% off, so i had to get them. i’m also wearing a black fitted capsleeve t-shirt, and ballet-style black flats. i dont think my attire has affect my work today or anyone’s perception of me because i’m the only person in the office right now, and i’m not doing any real work. i dunno where my boss is. he was supposed to be here an hour ago, and i don’t usually any work before he gets here.

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here comes your boss look busy!

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@rob and maniac: I was picturing more along these lines….
was hoping to find an image from the film when they wore the torn tux, but no joy

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torn jeans not torn tuxes.

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nice allusion, wrestle, but he doesn’t expect me to do anything before he gets here…

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“here comes your boss look busy!” remember saying that?

my boss

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oh crap, sorry bout that i feel stupid now.

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@ La Chica gomela – in reference to “its a tax free weekend” what does that mean?

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oh yeah!! kool-aid!

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hehe. Speaking of oh yeah,

Oh yeah, I am wearing shorts, a t-shirt and no shoes as I am working from home.

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In Texas, every August right before school starts, the government gives a three-day “holiday” on sales tax on some items, such as clothing, shoes, and backpacks under a hundred dollars per item.

It’s really cool because the retailers know people are going to be out shopping, so a lot of them have huge sales and promotions to attract people to their stores.

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I was head to toe (well, ankle, actually) in Lands End. Khakis and a wrinkle free shirt. I love online shopping. As a matter of fact, I just purchased more stuff I probably don’t need from Lands End.

but it was on clearance. and I got free shipping

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gym shorts and t-shirt this morning. Polo and khaki shorts after returning from the gym. Jeez I love working from home. I haven’t worn pants in over a month.

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I work in a business environment but rarely see customers come in. I’m behind a computer screen and a phone all day.

I go to work in a polo, cargo shorts and my chuck taylors. Just another day at the beach I mean work. ;)

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OK, all: what are chuck taylors? Am I incredibly un-hip or something???

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Khakis, Dress Shirt, and Lug Sole loafers; This is my everyday dress code for my work. Clothes can make you feel confident and boost your performance, though I think we need to be treated like adults and be allowed to wear what we want. There are days when I dread having to dress up, when I’m not having any meetings, etc. It would be nice to be able to wear a t-shirt and jeans everyday. We don’t even have casual Friday’s where I work which is a big downer.


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wow. I am un hip. Sigh

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A bear head, short Nike running shorts, and Tabis. I’m still contemplating a shirt-piece.

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I work with a non profit organization trying ton rasie money and re-open a local movie theatre. I don’t really have that much to dress up for, so I’m in casual shorts and a funny T-shirt that helps me be more casual with possible small-donation benafactors. However, there’s also several times when we have to meet and have events with the large donation benafactors and the board to trustees, durring which we’ll all have to be dressed up in plain button up shirts and khaki pants, more of a summer formal wear.

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@peedub, you must’ve been the most entertaining act in the Russian circus before you escaped. Well played!

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GA to maniac for giving me my ROTFLMAO moment of the day.

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translate please, O_o

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In his honour, I think I’ll wear a ROFLcopter tomorrow…..

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Nice one, @wildflower!

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heather gray capris with 2 black stripes down the sides, a plain black t-shirt, a white bandanna, and flip-flop style terry slippers. Adidas slides when I leave the desk.

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this question goes to show that y’all have great sense of style.

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A very light pink St. John’s skirt and a navy
Cardigan St. John’s sweater & pumps!

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Today is my day off. Woo hoo!! Unfortunately, I had to get dressed today anyway. Boo.

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cute, sccrowell! you go to work lookin classy!

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I am wearing scrubs as usual.

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oh I have the best work outfits EVER!! Not really. I work at a pizza shop and I have a lovely green shirt and a lovely red shirt, both two sizes too big, some jeans, and a wonderful black hat.

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La chica, Thank you!

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Jeans and shirt, just like every day

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Jeans and my work t-shirt

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a shirt and a simple pencil skirt, yea

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