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What's your idea of dressing up?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33151points) October 7th, 2010

Here in Hawaii, dressing up can mean anything from wearing a new pair of rubber slippers to a brand new aloha shirt. Only judges and lawyers wear suits and ties.

What about you? Is dressing up just putting on a suit and tie, or is it wearing that designer little black dress? Does it require a tuxedo or a full-length gown?

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It depends on where I am going.
The little black dress is a favorite of mine as is a nicely tailored suit :)

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A dress for sure with some bling!

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If I’m meeting someone very important, I wear pants. If I’m meeting someone very special, I opt for the little black “fuck me” dress.

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Heels, dress made from hard-to-care for fabric, bling, hair done, full-face spackle.

I’m probably done up like that 4 times a year.

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putting on anything with no paint spatters on them…..yeah, stylin’

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I’ll be dressing up tomorrow for the queer tango festival – this means that the skirt will be extravagant as will the shirt and I’m actually coming up with an ‘outfit’ rather than whatever works. I’m also thinking I’m going to put a piece of black lace over my eyes for the Parisian look.

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Generally dressing up involves high heals, make-up, and hair spray. Usually a dress or skirt, but can be dressy trousers. Dressing upnis something I do for an occasion, like a party of some sort, or a special dinner.

I do sometimes pull myself together more than other times, meaning I might wear something nicer than jeans and a t-shirt, and do my hair and make-up, but I don’t feel like I am drssing up, I just feel like I am not a slob that day, I actually put ina little effort.

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For me it can mean anything from putting on my tux to wearing long pants.

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Clean clothes.

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Depends where I’m going. Maybe a suit and tie, maybe a more casual style designer shirt.

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Where I live dressing up is much as you describe @hawaii_jake. It is pretty casual. Although I am now seeing a lot of women wearing those extremely tight skinny jeans, I just can’t imagine why they would do it in this climate! The price of vanity is high.

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little black dress, comb my hair and a little make up with ear rings, if I comb my hair that means Iam going some where fancy

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Being from Hawaii too. People would always ask me, where was I going when I was just going to the store. I never wore slippers, now I wear them all the time, but I still manage to dress cute, so I guess my answer is… when I’m not wearing slippers and throw on a pair of heals, I’m dressed up. I’m a girly girl all the time anyways.

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Coat and tie now…when I was working, a tux!

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Suit and tie. We (humans) look great dressed up.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Queer Tango Festival? Really?? It would take me weeks to locate something like that.
I hate the thought of it , but for me dressing up would mean putting on a dress. eeewwww

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Dressing up means to me:

Not work clothes
Hair done
makeup done
a dress
nails done

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It means finding that right dress that makes me feel confident. Plus having my hair and makeup done. Finding jewelry, and the right pair of heels.

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