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What do you think about a person legally changing their name?

Asked by Captain_Tetanus (205points) April 19th, 2008

I don’t mean for marriage or something, I mean just because they don’t like their given name and want to change it. First, middle, and last.

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Yeah, if my name The Poop Master I would wanna change that too.

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I’ve considered doing that. Once I started living abroad, there were so many people that couldn’t pronounce my name right and the thought crossed my mind, but in the end I just learned to accept weird variations and appreciate the uniqueness of the name.

I think changing last and/or middle name is OK and I’ve known people who have done it, but changing your first name, if that’s what you usually go by, would probably take a while before it’s really implemented and everyone’s calling you the new name.

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What name do you have in mind, any?

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I know some people who are planning to. My friend’s last name is dickhaut, pronouced “Dick Out”... he’s changing it the second he turns 18.

And then another person I know changed their name so that it was written in 1337. I…. don’t know how I feel about that.

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@delirum What was Dick Out’s first name? and 1337 is retarded. That’s how I feel about it?

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Simone, I don’t think its appropriate for me to post his whole name on the web without his permission.

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Sure. Why not? You only live once and its your right to legally change it if it would make you happier.

My suggestion is that before you change it, introduce yourself to new people with that name. See how it feels. Any regrets and if not go for it!

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I changed my last name when I turned 18. See, my mom got pregnant with me at 21 in college by a one night stand (aka- piece of shit sperm donor). She had to drop out to support her and her new baby son because the guy (I know nothing of him, not even his name. Not that I would want to anyways) ran off when my mom told him the news. When I was born, my mom gave me her maiden name because that was hers at the time.

Then when I was four, my mom married the man I call my dad. To me, he is my one and only dad and I love him to death. We were really poor when me and my older sister were growing up so my dad never had the money to hire a lawyer to legally adopt me. So on the day I turned 18, I went to the courthouse and legally took his last name myself, with his permission of course. It was one of the proudest moments in mine and my parents lives.

I went by his last name since four but it wasn’t official until I had it changed. So as you can guess, I think it is awesome that people can change their names.

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@ Randy
Wow, admirable and a great example of family commitment :) .....and I think you just answered the Q about most rewarding thing as well

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Randy, that is a really good story. Thanks for putting it out there.

I had a buddy who changed his name in his mid-30’s when he decided to move away from Albuquerque and officially come out of the closet. He changed his name to Errol Spencer (“courageous giver”) Quinn, or E. Spencer Quinn. Partly because of the meaning, and partly because he wanted his initials to be ESQ. He commemorated the change by having a candle lit and getting his initials tattooed on his thigh or somewhere. His name rolls off quite nicely if you say it with a gay accent!

Oh yeah. Back to the question. I think it’s alright. I’d change my Irish name from “Mc” to “Ma” because I think that’s how it was originally spelled, and it makes it 100% easier to pronounce.

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i think it should be a legal

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Its a freedom everyone should have. Why stop them? Personally, I wouldn’t change my name, even if it was weird.

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My youngest step-son changed his first name from Peter to Max when he was in his early forties. The family has great difficulties in remembering and he was never clear about his reasons.

I had LLBean monogram luggage awhile ago. It was supposed to read, “GAC.”

They stitched “GAG.” I always laugh when I see it and refused Bean’s offer to redo.

@Randy; wonderful story.

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@galicalled: Is your last name Powers by any chance. I’d change it to Max too.

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No. Peter Calder became Max Calder.

@Simone; I am dimwitted today.. explain the joke. Is there someone named Peter Powers?

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Max Power(s)...a.k.a. Homer Simpson

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I think it’s perfectly fine to change your name for whatever reason you want to. There was a kid in my high school class named Richard Eder (pronounced ee-dur), and you know no one called him Richard! I bet he changed his name as soon as he was of age to do so.

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