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Why is this night different from all the other nights of the year?

Asked by srmorgan (6768points) April 19th, 2008

I couldn’t resist asking this on Fluther

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because today is tomorrow, and tomorrow today. and yesterday is weaving in and out
-comfort eagle, cake

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Shouldn’t we have the youngest Flutherer (Klaas4) answer this? Davey, are you Jewish? Or ezraglenn or Tali?
Or me, perhaps as the oldest?

On all other nights we eat leavened bread.

Spoiler: Passover Seder

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I just learnt something new… thank you Flutherers!

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I didn’t think anything was different tonight… Although I am really sleep

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@ice; why not use Fluther to broad your horizons, which is one of its purposes. The question that SRM posed is one of the four questions asked by the youngest child at the Passover Seder. (See link above.) First Seder was tonight.

Passover celebrates the legend that the angel of death passed over the house of the Israelites when they were enslaved by the Egyptians. The first-born sons of the Israelis were spared but those of the Egyptians were slain.

The Jews marked the doorposts of their house with the blood of a lamb. The whole story is really about the Israelis fleeing Egypt for the promised land…read Exodus

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So Gail:
What are the other four questions? We like to hear things directly from you. Tell us Passover stories. I have read and am willing to re-read Exodus but…..
tell us some stories. love, S.

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edit: *that’s broaden your horizons.

, Susan, I am taking a quick rest from Milo the cat, who appears to be a sloth in disguise. More stories later, after he has completely whipped me into shape. Getting ready for May 6, are we?

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