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What kind of topics would you like to see covered in a podcast?

Asked by eklamor (415points) April 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I am interested in starting a podcast. Does anyone have any topic suggestions or things they would like to see covered or in a podcast?

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Hmm.. more Lamborghinis (ha ha I love them)

and more current events and news I guess??

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A podcast based on ‘found’ audio would be amazing. I’ve run across some pretty bizarre stuff that would be fun to talk about.

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like weird sounds or like found music. Like a local artist?

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How about all of the above. I would say whatever you find at a garage sale, flea market, or dumpster is fair game.

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@peedub-That would be awesome! As it’s pretty obvious by my moniker, I’m a big fan of audio, sound, and the avant-garde…technology and communication in art also fascinates me.

@eklamor: I have some resources for researching producing podcasts (PM me for more info); as for taking on the task, make sure the topic is one you are passionate about; as in blogging, your commitment and passion have a direct impact on how others regard your podcasts; some folks produce a short ‘set’-4 or 5, only to realize they’re not all that passionate about that single topic, so they end up abandoning the topic and podcast altogether…you may want to consider a set of interests in an area (technology for example), or whatever you find a hobby or passion. Lastly, it takes a considerable amount of time, effort and persistence to start, and maintain a podcast.

If the concepts of podcast media and the podcast format are new to you, I would encourage you to research by listening to a variety of podcasts, as you will see there can be quite a range of diversity and format out there.

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@sndfreQ- Thanks man! You have a podcast, right? How can I check it out? PS, I like what you wrote in the ‘first sound queston,’ that sounds pretty amazing.

I like what the people at Found magazine are doing with paper ephemera. I think this could creatively applied to audio. It would be a sort of Found Mag. meets This American Life.

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I was in a podcast a couple of years back with two others. Ended up with 16 or so episodes over a 5–6 month period. All of us got extremely busy and went our separate ways.

Any topics you know something about will work. It was a total blast!

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