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How do you get directly to the date of the podcast you want, on the following site?

Asked by flo (12974points) December 17th, 2014

If you need to go way back, like a year or so, not possible to scroll up or down, no search engine for date, there is only turn one page at a time, (one week per page)?

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I just put the name of one of the programs and a random date in the search box at the top and it went to it.

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It looks like podcasts only go back as far as September 19. These can be viewed in a list that you can quickly scroll through, either on the CBC site or via iTunes.

You can reach some older episodes using the link that you provided, by clicking the arrows to move back page by page. I was able to access the earliest entry this way, which is from June 23. I also tried entering the number of the last page (34) and the penultimate page (33), and the page hung both times, so that doesn’t appear to work – that might just be me, though. You might have more success.

I’m finding this quite shocking. CBC used to host years of Q episodes. It’s not about Ghomeshi’s fall from grace, either, since they clearly have episodes that he hosted. I can’t imagine why they’d suddenly make older content inaccessible.

Now, if you do a search for a specific artist from the page that you linked, you’ll find that the content is probably all still on the CBC site, somewhere. For example, if you search for “Joni Mitchell” or “Stephen King”, you’ll turn up interviews on Q from years ago. But oddly, a search for “Billy Bob Thornton” (that classic, bizarre interview) turns up nothing – that’s odd.

Anyway, CBC’s website has always been a bit awful for searching for old content, so this doesn’t surprise me too much – but the Q interviews always used to be easy to scroll through by date, so I’m disappointed that they’ve apparently changed how they present this content.

I hope some of this is helpful.

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@janbb You’re right it works.
@dappled_leaves You entered “34”, or “page 34” in the search engine? I get “no result” when I do that.

“page by page. I was able to access the earliest entry this way, which is from June 23.”

When I try that each page takes foreever to load. It would take me a year to get to 34. Why doesn’t it let you keep the forward arrow pressed until it gets to 34?

For what reason I don’t know I just clicked on “Full Episodes” on the left top of the screen it gave me this it goes to 2012.

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@flo “You entered “34”, or “page 34” in the search engine? I get “no result” when I do that.”

Yes, I typed “34” where it says “1” on the starting page. That didn’t work for me, either.

“When I try that each page takes foreever to load.”

It was slow for me, too – however, it was such an improvement on trying “34”. that it didn’t bother me much! It does require patience, to be sure.

“I just clicked on “Full Episodes” on the left top of the screen ”

That’s a good tip, thanks. I find it very annoying that there are several methods to do the same thing… each with different levels of success.

I have been hearing, since you posted this question, that CBC is planning to remove Ghomeshi’s episodes from the site. I really hope they don’t do that. As far as I’m concerned we should have the entire CBC archives available online.

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I don’t know what they expect the user to do at the bottom of this sept 22/2014. There is no “earlier” to click on there is no scroller in case I only have part of the guest’s name etc.
As to making Ghomeshi’s podcast unavailable, what about make all unpleasant historical facts of the world unavailable CBC people? Makes no sense.

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Today, I heard that CBC has removed Ghomeshi’s podcasts from the site but I just checked it is not true.

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