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never heard of it lol

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dont really know who they are… Sorry. I think I saw them on MTV ??

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I think the lead singer is hot

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Haven’t listened to very much of their stuff, but I like Misery Business

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I dont like this genre of music. I normally listen to hip hop and rap but my ex got me into paramore. I dont hav jus one favorite song though. I like circle, pressure,brighter, my heart, here we go again, and conspiracy from their first album and from their second album I like fences, when it rains, and let the flames begin.

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First album ( The better one): Brighter, Conspiracy
Second Album: When It Rains, Born For This

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an amazing band for kids in their early to mid-teens

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....and for those of us that still pretend to be :P

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@wildflower are never too old to rock ‘n roll!

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That is very true!

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I love all their songs and I love hailys hair!!!!! But my favorite song would have to be:: thats what you get!!!!!

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Emergency or For a pessimist, I’m pretty optimistic

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I found the song “Hallelujah” through which I quite liked.

Anyway, I recall reading earlier this day that the Fluther moderators don’t like “polling questions”.

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That’s what you get!

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don’t really listen to them much but our manager manages them. They are very talented.

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The band sounds like an engine that needs the timing looked at and is running at capacity.

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lol…...that’s the best phrasing for ‘not my cup of tea’ I’ve heard!

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Tennessee Represent! My wife and I both love the entire album “All We Know Is Falling”! I haven’t heard any of their new stuff, but that would probably be an excellent “Surprise” for my wife!

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none of them!

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@Bulb- Sorry dude, but I do have a special place in my heart for Jack Daniel’s.

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Poison rules!!......although Talk Dirty To Me ‘s better

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crush crush crush!

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have you heard paramore play acoustic? Sounds even better

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I like all of them!! But if I had to pick one I’d say misery buisness

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I have three drum covers on to my three favorite songs by them. They are:

1. Born For This.
2. Let the Flames Begin.
3. Misery Business.

If you wanna check em out, hit up

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all of their songs are good!!!

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@love, I see you love the drums =p

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My daughter likes Paramore. She likes Misery Business and Crushcrushcrush. She says she also likes Hailey’s hair. By the way, her name is Hailey too!

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Yeah, I wish I found this thread earlier so I could have solicited my drum skillz more :p

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LOL @ thelove prophet: To who? Paramore or their fans? I dont think either group are looking for a drummer

As for paramore, they’re moderaterely good at best. Cant really say im a fan of any of their songs.

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ummm to paramore fans duh… I don’t think Hayley Williams hits up in her spare time.

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once again LOL@prophet

why would you solicite being a drummer to people who are asking about Paramore and not on something like a “Who out there is a drummer” thread
im not bashing you, im just saying, i think youre barking up the wrong tree here.

And you never know, my friends dad used to know some like b list rapper ( ya know, the kinda guy who nobody knows outside of “the one guy who sings that one verse in the 50 cent song) just because he used to come into a sports bar he worked at to get a becardi and coke and play mrs. pac-man.

Dont doubt the universe, just accept that its confusing as hell =p

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All I Wanted

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