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What funny accidental mishaps resulting from missing letters on a sign have you seen? Alternatively, make one up!

Asked by Mariah (25876points) April 7th, 2011

What I mean is, say there’s there’s a neon sign with one letter burnt out with hilarious results. What did it say?

The “L” on the sign of our local Big Lots burnt out, leaving it saying, “Bigots: The Closeout Store.”

Also, a few years back, the sign outside our movie theater was missing a “U” – everyone was really excited to go see “Sperman” at the movies.

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-affle House.

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elf Storage.

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Ass R Shop

Bass Pro Shop

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“Hoe drop off”.
Shoe Drop off
Methinks someone erased the “S” on purpose

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As a hitch hiker years ago, I thumbed through a small town – Renick(?), West Virginia. All I saw was a stop sign and a Post Office. The Post Office had been defaced to read:

Po t Office Renick, We t Virgin

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On my middle school – blank Pub ic School.

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There is a stripmall in Baltimore City that had burned out lights in its marquee for so long my parents only referred to it as “Freedo Sho Ping Ter” (Freedom Shopping Center).

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Ateway Medical Center (Gateway)

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@WillWorkForChocolate I bet you did! Eeew. 0_0

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The last letter of 10% off on paint was burnt out so that it said, 10% off on pain.

The second “o” of Mark C Bloome tires was burnt out so that it said, Mark C Blo me tires.

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Me and my friends were messing around one night and we found a sign that said “Whole belly clams.” It was outside a diner, and we changed it to say “Whore belly clams.” And as we were walking away, we saw another sign that we hadn’t even touched (completely true story), it said U.S. Made Leather. It was on top of a building and it was upside down.

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I lurve “Whore belly clams.” LOL

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There was a neon sign on top of the Hotel Morgan in Morgantown, WV that students intentionally snuffed certain letters until the sign read: HOT ORGAN. Hahahahaha!

When I was in high school, my friend and I were walking to his house from the bus and saw a building that said—KING IN REAR.

Just this week, I saw a storefront of an old dollar store (now another store) that said: EVERYTHING… OR LESS. That one tickled me. “We have everything! Well, maybe less than everything..” Originally, ‘Everything a dollar or less’.

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Mcmaha nitures
McMahan Furnitures

Another sign I saw that made me laugh didn’t have any missing letters but the sign read
Now renting the ElToro exit. They were actually advertising apartments for rent just off the ElToro exit But the way the sigh was worded it sounded like they were trying to rent out the freeway exit ramp.

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