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What have you accomplished lately that makes you proud?

Asked by Haleth (19518points) April 7th, 2011

I taught myself how to parallel park. That sounds pretty insignificant, but a year ago I couldn’t even freaking drive, and now I’m road tripping all over the place. Parallel parking was the only thing I couldn’t get, because I drive a really shitty car with no power steering. It takes some real finesse to get that P.O.S. into a tight parking space. I was driving around downtown Richmond last weekend and had no choice but to parallel park, so I just did it. On the other hand, I was parking so I could go to a party where I got really high and played foosball all night, then I ate cereal straight from the box. So accomplishment and un-complishment cancel each other out.

What awesome things have you done lately? Let’s all give ourselves a little pat on the back.

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Learned how to get a decent topspin serve in tennis.

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I was cast to star in 2 web-based commercials for the local university.

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Started having some time to spend with friend [ at least to keep in touch ]

Didn’t had time nor the will for it in the past.

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Learned 2 songs on the guitar I’ve wanted to play for years. Finally just sat down and did it.

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I don’t like to extol my own achievements but I did do very well in terms of networking at a work forum this week. Not one of my favourite activities.

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I wrote a lyrics website that isn’t shit a few week ago. It is database driven and isn’t shit. Still a lot of bugs and not much content. But in about twenty hours I banged out the CSS and SQL to get it working. It isn’t near being complete. But you can find lyrics without being subjected to ads and spyware.

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Rode my bike 67 miles through the Sacramento Delta in two days; the second day through a wind and rain storm with gusts of wind up to 40 miles an hour or so.

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@crisw Wow! I would fallen out…

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@crisw That is impressive. Not fun, but surely satisfying when it was over.

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I took care of some lingering tax mess.

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I’ve been trying to seek help about my drinking problem lately. I probably won’t get anywhere but the fact that I’m trying is a huge difference from before lol.

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I’m slowly learning how to take care of myself. My dental hygienist congratulated me on taking better care of my teeth.

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