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Know of any ways to keep bread fresh?

Asked by dxs (15160points) April 9th, 2011

I want to know how to keep a loaf of bread (not the packaged sliced bread) fresh for more than a day. I hate stale bread and it’s a pain to buy it every other day. Does anyone care to share any inexpensive ways to make bread stay fresh for a while, only about a week?

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Keep it in the fridge?

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A week is pushing it, but wrapping it and placing it in a container helps. You can also freeze it (forr up to a month).

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This does not help keep it fresh, but if you microwave a piece of bread for 15 seconds it softens up to become kinda fresh-like.

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you could instead buy bread buns that you can quickly bake yourself. Bake them every morning.

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I second keeping it in the fridge, and keep it wrapped as air-tightly as you can too.

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We keep it in the freezer and pop off slices as necessary.
Thaws in just a minute.
We do this with all breads.

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Freeze it.

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Isn’t it frustrating that really good bread doesn’t last longer? If you only use bread for sandwiches, it may work better for yo to get rolls instead.
It’s easier to find uses for stale bread than it is to keep it fresh: toast it; grill it with cheese; make croutons; bread pudding; stuffing; make bread crumbs to use in meatloaf, on vegetables with butter, with brown sugar on top of pudding. I think the loaf is gone by now.

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I’ve tried the airtight thing with a straw as I always have, and the bread is in the fridge inside of a container now. I’ll see what happens. I just can’t imagine how freezing it will keep it fresh; that’s a paradox.

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I pre-slice mine and pop it in the freezer. then when you want to make a sandwich, pop it in the toaster. If you don’t want it toasted, leave it in just long enough to defrost.

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See above. Refrigerate or freeze.

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If your bread is not fresh with the straw thing, don’t do the straw thing. I hate refridgerated bread so I wouldn’t do that. Freeze half the loaf and use that part for toasted stuff. You really can’t have fresh from the oven bread unless you do it yourself. Get a breadmaker.

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I agree with slice and place slices in a plastic bag, make sure air isn’t in the bag when you close it, and place in the freezer. You can pull out a few slices when you are ready to use. They defrost quickly on the counter, or you can toast with no troubles. You can hold aside a couple slices to keep at room tempurature for immediate use. Actually, in plastic, even on the counter it should keep for 3 days. The trick is, if it is crusty bread, once in plastic, the crust will soften a little, but its better than hard as a rock need to throw out bread. I do this with bagels too.

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My wife is religious about putting bread in the refrigerator.
In the freezer even.

Don’t know how fresh it keeps, but it certainly creates the potential of having wet bread.


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Suck all the air out of the bag it comes in before tying it shut—this creates at least a partial vaccuum. It takes exposure to air to wreck it.

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Room temp is best to keep bread fresher longer and I have found this to be true. Don’t refrigerate. If anything that makes it go stale faster. The freezer is your best option in this situation. When freezing bread, it’s best to put a few slices in tin foil and then in a ziploc baggie.

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