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sorry…Artfire? I’m intrigued?

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Artfire is a new online marketplace for Artisans of all things handmade. They have a free option or if you get in soon you will pay only $7.00 for life and that is unlimited listings. This has saved me a ton of money over what I spend on Etsy to list per item. Artfire also is working directly with the Artisans to give us what WE want on the site. The also automatically promote you with Google.

They also have a referral program that allows you to Ride Free for Life with them. That means if you get enough referrals, you get to use Artfire FREE FOREVER. w00t!!!

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I’ve been considering Artfire for a while now. It’s still a bit confusing to me. Etsy is much more user friendly in my opinion.
Etsy is promoted with google, too.

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I never knew anything about artfire! Thank you, I have a new obsession!

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