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Who can help me find such a person?

Asked by Qingyi (61points) April 10th, 2011

Our Chinese learn English from a very little child. In order to get high scores or pass so many English exams, lots of us takes training course besides normal education in China.
There is few schools focus on English training in my home town, which is not very rich and has about 2,000 students. What I plan to do is that founding an English training school for the teenage students. The students in our town have no chances speak to speakers whose native language is English. So, I would like to use the internet, just like video conference, let our students can talk with the native speaker via internet. Anyone who like to speak with our little learner is OK. So, who can tell me how can I find such a person?

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Great idea! Maybe you can reach out to schools in America and have American students speak to Chinese students? Could be a nice pen pal type of project? Start a facebook page maybe? Also, Catholic charities might be able to help connect you, or an organization that helps place students who want to study abroad.

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Welcome to Fluther. We do what you’re asking all the time.

Just let us know if you’d like to have your English corrected, and we’ll be all over that… “like white on rice”, as we say.

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@WasCy I think the OP wants video conference or skype, not written.

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Ah, okay. The OP should start with written communication and work up from there, though.

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@WasCy I think they do study in writing. And, why is it important to learn in that order? Children learn their native language verbally first, if they are bilingual, they learn even their second language verbally first. I happen to think conversational English mghit be most useful. I don’t agree with you.

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I think in a classroom or “general” environment, with English speakers around, I’d agree with you 100%, @JLeslie. But the opportunity for interacting in writing with many willing and competent participants is right here and available without cost 24 hours a day. Getting the hardware, bandwidth, and interest for oral interaction—not “verbal”, because spoken and written language is all “verbal” is going to take more time and money.—

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It says they learn English as young children.

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The BBC has useful pages on its website for learning English. I don’t know about videoconferencing but Skype would work if you could find the right people to communicate with. My knowledge of Chinese is limited to the character that is my avatar. I love the look of written Chinese it is a language that I wish I understood. Good luck!

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I second @JLeslie ‘s idea about contacting schools. Find some where the primary language is English and arrange a trade. It would be great if you could find English-speaking students who are learning Chinese. The students could talk using Skype or some other video conference tool and spend part of the time speaking Chinese and part of the time speaking English. Then both groups benefit!

The time difference may pose a challenge, but it may still be workable. Good luck!

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thank your all your answers.
Yes, I also think find somebody who is learning Chinese would be help.
So, if anyone of you come across that man, please remind me, THANKS

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Well, good luck. Don’t hold your breath.

We do it right here all the time, though. And we’re ready to start with you and your own English, any time.

You might want to look up the user “lessonEnglish”, I think, who is in the same boat with you, and has pretty good skills.

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Try contacting an existing volunteer program. A program here in Australia called Antipodeans Abroad gets young people to travel to other countries, sometimes for the purpose of educating people in other countries in English. I’m sure they’d be happy to add another location to their list. There are other similar organisations for this sort of thing. If you prefer the video conferencing approach, I’m sure they could put you in contact with the appropriate people.

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