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Can you help me find an article about World War 1?

Asked by JessK (599points) April 12th, 2011

It needs to be either about propaganda, hospital conditions, or the ‘lost generation’. I’ve looked all the places I can think of looking but still can’t find any articles! It also has to be written in 2009 or later. Thank you so much!

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Seriously? You can’t find any articles? Where have you looked?

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@Drewseph You could have let him/her work for it, at least lol…...

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@Blackberry That was what I was thinking. Go to the internet and have people do your research for you.

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Yeah, but it seems like he doesn’t know how to use Google… ;D

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Sorry @JessK
WWI inspired an entire generation to write about what, at the time, was the worst thing that had ever happened on earth. No shortage of commentary about that war. Get busy.

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Do you have a public library card? Most libraries offer access to JSTOR, which has academic articles about all sorts of subjects. You might find something you like on there from a historical quarterly. Try to narrow down what you’re looking for before you start looking. Think of different ways that you can state the subjects. You might need to do a little reading in your text book first to get more terms to look for.

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