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What are some of your favorite things to mix with liquor?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21433points) April 12th, 2011

I’m one of those people who loves the complex, sweet, fruity drinks with five or six different ingredients in them but I also find that when I want something to sip at, I am very happy with a very simple mixed drink with liquor and one or two other ingredients. My absolute favorite thing to mix with any sort of hard liquor is cranberry juice, although I’ve also had lemonade as a mixer and I do enjoy that.

How about you, Jellies. What ingredient is your favorite to mix with liquor?

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Unsafe sex.

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Cranberry ginger ale and vodka. The best!

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Bombay Saphire and Ginger Ale with a squeeze of lime ….. But my absolute favorite is I like to make sangria by cutting up different fruits and add them to my favorite wine and drink that… I could drink that all the time anytime.

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I don’t drink much liquor any more.

But on those rare occasions when I get together with my boys, and we toast the girls and the countryside, or whatever, we mix with ice.

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+1 on the cranberry juice

My fave drinks are (in order):

-Sazerac: bourbon, absinthe, sugar, lemon, and a lemon twist
-Bourbon & Cranberry Juice
-Vodka & Red Bull
-Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic, with a lime wedge

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Fresh fruit. For a special occasion or party, it’s worthwhile to squeeze orange, lemon and lime juice, to blend strawberries, papaya, etc.

I’m not big on mixed drinks at all, but I really like fresh food, so that’s my solution.

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Hookah. More liquor. Cigars. Women.

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I love mixing cranberry juice orange juice and tequila

Sweet tea vodka and sweet tea

Vodka and lemonade

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Beer and NASCAR
Scotch and New York Steak
Wine [Red] and Dark Chocolate

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Wine [Red] and Dark Chocolate ummmm

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Absolut® Ruby Red vodka, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, fresh mint and a wedge of lime. It’s our family’s favorite summertime drink.

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I’m happy with soda water usually. I’m not even really worried if I have lime.

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Gin and squirt couldn’t hurt.

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Tanqueray and tonic water, always.

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Designated drivers.

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@jaytkay Mmmm, that sounds good.

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Orange sherbert, ginger ale, punch, and vodka. Float some orange slices for decoration.

That was a punch my friend made when we were in college.

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For an every day drink, Diet Coke (with rum). If it is an especially beautiful day and I have time to relax, frozen Pina Colada time.

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Jack and Coke. I have a friend that drinks Jose with a side of pickle juice instead of the salt and lime. She says it cuts the aftertaste of the tequila better.

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I’m mostly a wine and beer sort, but, I love my Bloody Marys!
Champagne with a dash of raspberry juice and lime is my fav.

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I do love a good Mimosa, but it has to be made with a quality champagne. Back when I had outpatient surgery, I quite enjoyed my weekend recovery as my boyfriend plied me with Mimosas to go with my painkillers. Naughty, I know.

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For getting drunk, anything in the smoothie arena of things.

For getting a cheap drink at a bar? Rum and Diet Coke

For chilling out at the end of the day? Bombay Sapphire Gimlet (gin with sweetened lime juice) with soda in a tall glass.

After dinner? Amaretto mixed with Collins mix and soda.

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Cranberry juice and triple sec is so delicious, I drink it for the taste and not the alcohol.

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Pills, cocaine, sluts.

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@buster You’re just golden!

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I don’t have much personal experience with mixed drinks; as a poor college student, rum and coke is usually the extent of my mixing. However, as a nerd I’m a huge fan of The Drunken Moogle, which is the authority on vidja’ game themed drinks.

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I’m more of a wine and beer kind of girl, but on occasion I have scotch with just water and ice.

I think the best mixed drink I ever had was in Augusta, GA at some bar I barely remember cause I was trashed on said drink. It was called an Irish trashcan and had like 123647263 different things in it; vodka, rum, triple sec, blue curaçao, peach schnapps, and red bull.

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@Foolaholic For mixed drinks on budget just having orange juice, rose’s lime juice and tonic on hand gives you screwdrivers for your vodka and gimlets for your gin and, well, tonic you can mix with just about anything.

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@fundevogel That’s part of my problem right there. I’m not much of a vodka guy, but whenever people try to recommend cheap drinks it’s a vodka mix. I much prefer rum, a trait I believe comes from my folks, and they’ve become pretty adept at such luxuries as Dark and Stormies, and Pimms.

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@Foolaholic Ah, I can’t help you there as I barely drink rum.

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