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How would you react, if someone spit in your face?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) April 14th, 2011

I know this is a loaded question and each of us has our own answer to our reaction. I have had this to happen to me in uniform. I kept my cool and placed this person under arrest, but I really wanted to beat the crap out of him. Question: a person comes up to you and just spits in your face for no reason. What will be your next course of action?

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I had a woman do that to me once when I was a bartender, I was trying to cool down a couple who were fighting. She spat in my face and I threw up on her. Granted, I’d been fighting a stomach bug all day, and was already queasy from the smell of stale beer and bad food in the bar, so I doubt it was simply a visceral reaction, but I also doubt that she ever spit on someone after that! She was really surprised! As was I.

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Why i’d punch that individual so hard he’d bite his own arsehole!

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I’d punch the fucker in his throat.

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Will spit right back in his eye….with pleghm!

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I’d go all head, body, head on them like Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter.

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This happened to me.
I chose to walk away.

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Well @john65pennington, you have a bit of a different situation than the average man on the street. Being a LEO, you are expected to keep your cool. In fact, the guy probably spit on you in a bid to provoke you into violence. Had you beat the crap out of him he would have screamed something that amounts to “that dirty pig beat me up because he hates <insert whatever sub-class you want here> and obviously has anger issues” and would probably be given a free pass for whatever you were arresting him for.

The situation is quite different for your average citizen. Around these parts, spitting on somebody is a great way get and express ticket to the local ER.

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Depending on their size, I would either walk away or pummel them into the ground.

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For no reason? Wipe it off and keep going. In your face and done as sheer provocation?? Pummel their ass then wipe it off.

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@JilltheTooth That is without a doubt the best response to this I’ve ever heard. I’m trying to decide between punching them, which really means I’m dropping to their level, or walking away, maybe calling the cops. But hurling on them is the best reponse ever.

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I wish I could do it on demand….

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@JilltheTooth Were they completely grossed out?

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I’d probably react violently, and I’ve never fought in my life. That is just so disgusting…

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If they ate garlic that day, i would fight them, if they just had something chocolaty on the other hand…...

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I would of course hire an highly trained assassin to eliminate his family and friends.
Who wouldn’t?

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@Adirondackwannabe : Oh, yeah… I enjoyed that part. They left rather quickly. ;-)

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It is precisely for that reason why I always carry a high-velocity squirt gun filled with poopoo juice, in my shoulder holster! ;-p

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I’ve had it happen to me. The lady was being really racist. I hit her. I still see the lady and she doesn’t walk anywhere near me.

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I think I would assume there was something wrong with the person and walk quickly away.

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If it was another man I would start swinging for sure. If a man did that to me 4–12 years ago when I was wilder first thing I would do is swing and either give or take an ass whooping. But it wouldn’t stop there if I know you or where to find you. I would let the heat die down a few months or years then one day out of the blue your car tires are slit , windows batted, dog poisoned. Then another option would have been let the heat and beef die down for a while and out of the blue a couple of mexican dudes you have never seen before and never will see will surprise you somewhere and smash you up with some bats or whatever and leave you on the ground with a head swollen like a pumpkin and dog shit smeared in your face and all you will know is your a piece of shit and probably earned that honestly. If a woman did it I would just cuss and call her a cunt and bitch and leave quickly as possible before things could get uglier. I don’t hit women.

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I’d want to punch them, but that would depend on how big they were…

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I went for a walk.

actually a stagger. i kinda had the spit thing coming.

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Interesting. I’ve been called names, been sweared at, been shot at, been harassed, been bullied but I’ve never been spat at.
I’d probably punch them in the nose, a right hard one. Enough to bring out some blood.
If they are quite bigger than me in mass, I would poke both their eyes hard and fast, then run like the wind.

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I can’t imagine it happening unprovoked but depending on their size, I’d go for a throat punch or my boot heel in between their ribs. Spitting is just sooooooooooooooooooo gross.

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Would you be so kind and tell me your vaccination record, sir?

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Get a fire hose and ‘spit’ right back.

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I have been spit on like that, But i was so shocked, that i didnt do anything but look.

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