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Good place to get a facial?

Asked by babygalll (2748points) May 12th, 2008

Any good places in the Silicon Valley?

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Could you define “facial,” please? Depending on your answer, my suggestion would be either West Hollywood or Napa.

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Facial massage, cleaning pores, deep clean face..etc.. I live in the Bay Area..Hollywood is too far.

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I would say that, being a facial and all, the best place to get a facial would be a face. Anywhere else and things might get crazy!

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I swear this exact question was asked no more than a month ago, someone asking about a facial in San Francisco.

Same smartass answers, too.

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I don’t live in San Francisco. I’m an hour south of there.

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@trance. A bit of a commute, just a bit under 3,000 miles.

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I’m in Northern California.

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Oops sorry about that I skipped over the location part of the question. Well if your ever in the area you know where to go. =]

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I recommend that you look for stores and spas that sell Dr. Hauschka products. Research your local spas, look on the web for spas near you that use these products, and you will get the BEST facial of your life.

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I’m guessing the removed comments were about the less worksafe definion of the word “facial”.

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i would answer, but it would be removed by the moderators, like everyone elses…

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