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What kind of interesting facts have you learned about your fellow Flutherites?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) April 14th, 2011

I’ve only been around here for around 2 months, but I’ve definitely met some really interesting people! What kind of interesting tidbits have you learned about others around here?

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I want jannb to be my Mom. Das right. She’s punny, smart and has a huge heart.

I also want to go fourwheeling with jonsblond. She’s love the outdoors, like me, and ain’t afraid to get dirty!

I want to go antique shopping with Fiddle because he has a good eye. And, pretty eyes.

I want to hang out with both syz and tinyfaery at an animal sanctuary ‘cause they both love big cats.

I want to go drinking with symbelline, nessuh and lucille. I have been drinking with lucy and she’s even funnier when she drinks. I’ll let her hang out with the cute firemen whilst nessuh, symbelline and I sneak off to have an orgy.

I want to get all macgyver/outdoorsy with Miss Anthrope.

And, I want to get down on my knees and shine Auggie’s knee high boots.

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I have learned not to be judgemental about Right-Wing incontinent transexual pedophiles. Thanks @dpworkin!

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@Jude Hahahaha, that’s wonderful.

@filmfann I don’t know if I want to ask!

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Mostly I’ve learned about some pretty strange sexual proclivities. I still don’t understand the one with the sandbox and a teabag. I’d ask a question about it, but I promised not to re..veeal…

[Red Face]

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So many things.

I know that I would love to have tea (or whatever they want to drink) with jannb, gailcalled and jillthetooth. (yes, there is more…but this group together would be interesting!)

Like @Jude, I would love to hang out with @syz and tinyfaery at an animal sanctuary.

I would like to grab a drink with @Jude, I think she understands where I’m coming from. It’s nice to not feel alone.

@SpatzieLover is in a similar situation as I am, I wish she was my next door neighbor.

I know @jonsblond is the type to have your back and not be afraid to speak up. I admire that, a lot.

I could probably sit in a room and listen to @mattbrowne talk about anything and be completely interested in what he had to say.

@Augustlan understands growing through the crap that life throws at you and coming out the other side. I just want to have her around.

And I really want to know how many fresh chocolate chip cookies @cprevite’s wife has in the house!

There are so many more. I don’t want to break Fluther.

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That they are all pretty kick ass in their own way.

even if it’s a way i don’t agree with

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It seems like most jellies are overweight and/or on medications :(

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@Neizvestnaya Hmmmmm. That is a bit depressing!

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@Neizvestnaya . . . for the record, have you ever even tried being overweight and medicated? it’s actually quite fat and high.

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@Blondesjon: No, I’ve not tried but I have been both overweight and medicated- the overweight part was a horrible eye opening experience I’ll never forget or discount.

As for meds, they are a lifesaver for lots of people but it makes me uncomfortable so many people here, a concentrated group of people are in need. I have to wonder if online sites attract an in-need personality, we drive each other mad or so many people are stressed beyond all belief.

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@Neizvestnaya Really? That’s what you take away from this site is that your fellow jellies are fat and over medicated? That never occured to me at all.

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Ahem. Not trying to sound bitchy or anything, but can we please keep this thread happy? This was meant for fun! :)

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@Neizvestnaya . . . I’ve always believed that as a nation, not a website, we are overweight and on waaay to many pills.

Why? Because we are constantly fed fear. Fear of not looking/sounding/being right, fear of sudden death from all sides, fear of being poor, fear of being rich, fear of not having a big dick, fear of not fitting in, fear of menopause, fear of feeling sadness, fear of fear, it’s a never ending and profitable, for the pharmaceutical/fast food companies, business.

It is also unfortunate that part of the fear we are sold is that someone else may refer to us as fat or drugged or, gasp, drunk.

I say fuck fear and broad, insulting generalizations.

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@chyna: That’s not what I take away from this site, not why I enjoy this site but it is the first thing that popped into my head to pick something in general about the jellypool as a whole.

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Learned a few things about Vunessuh, but not sure what I’m entitled to divulge…but she has pet pigs! She also worked alongside the chick who did the special effects for Cabin Fever. Or, I think she said her friend worked with that woman…I forgot. What I do know for sure is that Vunessuh fucking rules. End of story.

Only138 met Sid Haig! (Captain Spaulding)

When Talimze was younger, her parents sought the help of…exorcists to…exorcise whatever demon they thought was possessing her.

Phylis is no longer here, but she has a real, live church pew! Well that was long ago, maybe she managed to sell it.

Haven’t learned too much about Blueroses (yet) but I’d certainly like to. In more ways than one…’‘wink wink’’

Hawaii Jake is a recovered alcoholic. Despite how much I praise booze on here all the time, he gives me inspiration.

Hungry Guy knows everything about vore. And that’s awesome.

Uberbatman told me this awesome story. It reminded me of the movie Kick Ass, about how whenever someone is in trouble, people just sit there and watch. Well, he was the hero who didn’t sit there and watch, he acted.

There’s a lot of people here I like, but unfortunately I don’t know all that much about many of them…either way, I’d totally go get sloshed with @Jude and Vunessuh :D I’ll rape you both. In your sleep. At night.

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@Symbeline Hahahahaha. Rape is not acceptable. ;)

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For those two it won’t be rape. :D

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Mama like.

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Some are married to each other, some are parents/children of others, some lie.

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I have always known there are a lot of atheist Jews out there that think similar to me, and fluther reinforces it. What I have learned is there are other atheists out there who are similar too. I had never known atheists who are not Jewish, at least not that I knew of, except for one friend in school, but I didn’t know until we were adults.

I am comforted by the doctors on this site who will offer their opinion and are willing to be patient with questions and disagreements with us lay people. I hate to leave any of them out, but off the top of my head I can think of rarebear and dr_dredd and Shilolo and there have been radiologists also who have been very helpful, I wish I could think of everyones name right now.

Dominicx is very impressive, being so young. In fact several of our young jellies have amazing minds.

And, I am always happy to see how the collective tries to help our youngest flutherites, young teens, who have questions or are in trouble. Most jellies adjust their banter to an age appropriate level, and when someone is too abrasive, some other jelly usually pushes back.

There are some I am always super curious to see their answer. People like wundaywatta, Augustlin, Etpro, Seazen, Jeruba, filmfann, Jonsblond, Blondsjon, mattbrowne, whitenoise, marinelife, nikipedia, Judi, Jude, there are many many more, and many new ones. Depends on the question, the subject matter.

@filmfann I still miss dpworkin.

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I just mentioned to someone in a private message, that we have a great community here and I am constantly impressed by the care people take with those who post. Certainly I know that isn’t always the case but there are times when I am so touched by the humanity of some of the jellies here. I think it is important to remember that the comments we make here can actually have the potential to turn someone’s life around. Sometimes all people need is to know there is another person out there (even in the virtual world) who cares what happens to them.

So, I have learned we have amazingly caring and intelligent people out there in Flutherland and I think many of you make the world a better place with your posts and I just wanted to share that. Oh and some of you have very dirty and wicked minds… (which is all good with me!).

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@Neizvestnaya I resent that, and I’d throw my pills at you if I could only get out of this chair.

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They all seem to have a functioning internet connection, who the hell knew eh?

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@queenie smells.

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@seazen: C’mon then! I’ve got a bacon, egg and cheese burrito for you :)

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities makes a mean casserole.

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@JLeslie looks a bit like Barbra Streisand I wish I looked a bit like Barbra Streisand!

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I have found out that I have a thing for Jews.

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Almost all of my fellow Jellies I met here appreciate diversity and relate peaceably to other people.

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@Leanne1986 Are we facebook friends? Or, were you on the thread that I said I get told I look like Streisand?

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I learned that most of us have very interesting life stories and that @Jude and @simone has nice bootays

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I have learned that fluther is no different than the rest of the world, there are the good, the bad and the evil. There are also the really nice and the giant egomaniacs. There are the kings and queens of wikipedia and google and there are those who have their own opinions and state them succinctly and there are those who are never, ever wrong and don’t hesitate to tell you!

All in all, it’s a good place to hang out.

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Fluther is indeed a great place to be! Thank you all for answering :) Your replies are so genuine and funny!

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For those of you who want to know. @dpworkin is alive and well and working his ass off for his MSW.

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Also, he’s just as sweet as can be when he’s not on Fluther!

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No one Jelly in particular, but what I can say is that the site offers a lot of information and wisdom and you get out of it what you put into it. I would love to say I have made some great friends here, but alas, you have to be a friend to have a friend. But I’m not going anywhere….yet.:D

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@augustian – Having been on the receiving end of pd’s acerbic tongue on more than one occasion, I find that difficult to believe! I started to avoid questions where my answer would disagree with his just to save myself the abuse.

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It’s weird, but totally true. He’s actually really nice! Even he couldn’t understand what made him so crabby here.

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Some people are nicer in the real world than they are online.

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@rooeytoo I’m glad to see I’m not the only one

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He never displayed any animosity toward me, but I did see him post an ethnic slur against another member here.

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I don’t get why it is surprising dpworkin is nice? I guess I missed the worst of his posts. He has been incredibly helpful to me.

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This is a pretty gossipy question, isn’t it? It invites people to show off what they know, or to betray confidences.

I know people enjoy talking about each other more than anything. Still, it seems to create a group of people who do know each other and a group of people who don’t. And then there’s me. I have had plenty of conversations with others—I think—but I remember very few of them. That which I do remember I wouldn’t tell because, well, it was a private conversation, even if nothing private was said. I’m also jealous of those who have met each other in person. That must be amazing.

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@wundayatta Then you are so going to be jealous of me in June. Not telling so don’t ask who I’m meeting up with.

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awwww that’s called teasing!!! no fair!

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@wundayatta I don’t think anyone has revealed any secrets… just stuff they’ve noticed via publicly posted Qs & As.

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@wundayatta . . . yeah. i’ve never let it slip that you and i are actually the same person

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Yeah, me too. I was quite careful in posting stuff that other people already knew, or that’s completely harmless if it wasn’t known, for those few members who I really did learn a lot about.

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Hmmm. I took “interesting” to be code for “gossip.” Gossip means dirt which is usually secret. I’m probably reading too much into it. People accuse me of that just about every hour on the half hour.

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