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Do you think your current condition will affect the way you write your question/answer in fluther?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) March 17th, 2010

Think about it if you don’t feel so good,angry,having a bad day,or else. Do you think you will think clearly and write your question/answer as good as usual(your optimum state),or you will write it according to your current condition?

(Please be honest and mention some condition that will make you act differently in fluther).

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being on medication for broken ribs…

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Yes I think so. A lot of emotion goes into writing an answer to a question, well, particular questions. So I would at times be “emotionally” directed. I do try to be aware of that though when possible. I think some askers do get hurt. If I write in that mood and realize I have been hurtful I apologise. Being rude, flippant or nasty in an answer is a bit like swearing at waiters, weak.

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I generally do not fluther when I am feeling ill tempered.

I have allowed my irritation with certain abusive, ignorant jellys to colour my answers or inspire questions to lure these individuals to show their ignorance and or stupidity.

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Sometimes when I’m on my period, I get a little cranky.
For the most part, I say what’s on my mind. I’m a relatively happy person and I love to joke around so more than half the time I give humorous/sarcastic answers.

Only once have a ever thrown a bitch fit on here. That was a long time ago. I was sad, tired and sick.
If I’m in a bad mood, I’m really good at not letting it affect my rationality on these sites.
I also understand that if someone snaps at me, it could be that they’re having a bad day or don’t feel well. If they do it again I officially think they’re an asshole. :D

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I try not to be on Fluther if I have a short temper or if I’m in an overly silly mood.
It never works and I either get involved in stupid arguments or just ramble about nothing.
I have a pretty short temper to begin with, but if I’m not feeling too hot, I don’t hold back.
I’m guilty of it around here more than I would like to admit.
I’m not sure if I even have a usual way of answering because my mood is ever-changing.
I just say what’s on my mind, regardless of how I feel.

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Definitely. I’ve been in an especially rotten mood for the past couple of days, and it’s shown on Fluther. I’ve snapped at a couple of people, and I’ve let things bother me that normally wouldn’t.

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Conditions do not cause my opinions to change.

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@thriftymaid: My opinions don’t change, but the way I express them does.

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Absolutely! I just quit my shitty job, so that’s why I’m so happy. When I was working, I was so miserable, and I would take our my frustration out on fluther.

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No, unless you count not going online at all when I am too tired or upset.

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No, my answers & questions get alot shorter in content when I’m feeling jaded… the content also tends to get darker too.

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No… I try to be consistent with my questions and opinions

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I’m certain that grief and depression greatly affect how I answer many questions. Other jellys have commented on this. Probably the antidepressant medication affects my answers as well.

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When I don’t feel good…usually do not come here! Been here very little lately as I’m having issues with my bad hip. Very painful lately. Today, it is better.

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My mood almost never affects what I say at any time. My mood though will reflect what flavor pie I smack you with. Angry is almost always creme pie and if I am particularly peeved it will be for sure be a shaving cream pie!

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Most of the time I’m just candid. I think certain questions can cause my mood to shift and therefore it will affect the manner in how I answer. I try to avoid those questions altogether but sometimes I can’t resist. Some questions just invite humor and I just can’t resist if a funny answer pops into my head.

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Nope. But then again… I am crazy.

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“My mood almost never affects what I say at any time.”

Who is this man??? LOL

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I have this awful tendency to get on Fluther after getting home from a night of heavy drinking.

BAD idea.

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Hmmm…so we have some honest disclosures and we have some emotional instability, the basic mix of humanity. lololol

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@ChazMaz LMAO… are hoot!

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Absolutely. If I’m unhappy, my answers are a lot shorter. I often don’t answer at all and wait until I’m in a better mood.

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Yep, but I’ve also noticed when I’m sleep deprived I seem to answer questions more honestly and care less about what other people think about what I write…hmm. But really I’m just a walking hypocritical, biased, indecisive monster. My opinions and answers change all the time.

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re: @MacBeanMy opinions don’t change, but the way I express them does.”

What s/he said.

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Um..of course. My attitude and mood refelcts upon everything I do.

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I have definitely let my mood and conditions effect how open I am to change or listening as well as how I communicate my ideas.

It also leads me to misinterpret others points a great deal, taking them personally or looking for the negative and so forth.

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I try to be as honest and straightforward and genuine with my answers despite whatever condition I’m in or how good or bad my days have been. There are times when I’ve avoided Fluther when I’ve been too down and out to contribute and I readily admit there might have been a rare occasion where I slipped and my emotions could have got the better of me when submitting an answer or two here on Fluther.

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Well said and smacks of genuine. Thats the definition of EQ!

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@Coloma. Thank you. =)

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It depends on what I am upset about – if I have just read, heard, learned about something unfair or unjust and it affects many people or animals, I am in no mood to discuss frivolous things and my answers might reflect the fact that I’ve recently sobered (metaphorically speaking) myself up in terms of my priorities.

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Think about i [needs punctuation]if you don’t feel so good,angry,having a bad day,or else [problem with parallel structure]. Do you think you will think clearly [“think you will think?” circular thinking] and write your question/answer as good [substitute “well”] as usual(your optimum state) [are you usually in your optimal state?],or you will write it according to your current condition [is this your optimal state?]?

(Please be honest and mention some condition that will make you act differently in fluther).

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It is the rare day when you will see me blow my top AT someone. It is the rare subject matter that raises my ire; not a person, not a debate. A personal attack will definitely draw a response, but very few things am I passionate enough about to argue. A presentation of ideas is always welcomed and appreciated. It’s intersting, learning how other people think.

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Yes, my mood does influence what I answer and how.

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I think most of my stuff is honest and what I mean it as no matter how I feel. I’m pretty ninja when it comes to emotional states. On the other hand, therein lies the problem?

Either way, it’s when I’m drunk that I should worry about this sorta thing, I’ve proven it to myself more than enough. What’s scary about it is that it’s starting to feel pretty natural.

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