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How old where u the first time u fell in love?

Asked by irishcurls (64points) April 20th, 2008 from iPhone

feel free to give details, how long u where together, if it was the last time etc….

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I was 17. We were only together for about 5 months but everything we did felt like a fairy tale. And even though things have changed I wouldn’t trade our time together for anything.

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I was also 17. We were together for about six months when I told her I loved her. She replied in kind and we were happy for a couple of years. Then we broke up and still fooled around for a while. In the end things ended horribly.

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16. We were together for about a year and a half and are still very good friends. The breakup was hard on both of us, though.

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I first said I love you to someone when I was 15, yet I really had no idea what it meant at that age obviously.. I said it again at 17 and but it I was still a little naive .. And again at 20 and meant it that time around.. That only lasted a year though and ended last summer but to this day I still meant it.

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17. It must be the age. We were each other’s firsts for love and firsts for other things.
What’s totally weird is that we have the same birthday. I think we lasted about two years. She moved away and it got too hard.

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15, young, crazy (possibly silly), love…

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I was 12. It was so painful….. He was the first boy I kissed too. I was so inlove with him its so silly now but I still remember that pain deep inside my stomach and I didnt understand what it was.

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12. My parents took me on a wonderful vacation to a dude ranch and I fell in
love with a 17 year old cowboy. He was very gentle toward me, kind, quiet, didn’t
flirt with me and make me confused.
After I went home I thought about him for about a year and then fell in love
with a kid my age which was also wonderful. I do
consider these things to have been true love because of the intensity and purity of
feeling. There was never any touching.

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Today, I just got call of duty4. Oh ya and 18. When I met my wife.

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I was about 12 and I was smitten through most of highschool. Then I ACTUALLY fell in love when I was about 22 and learned how powerful the real thing is. I broke it off about a year and a half ago, and have been doing my best to move on ever since… It’s still tough at times but getting better.

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I was eight, and it was with the girl next door. She moved on to my friend down the street the following year.

For me, I believe I knew what love was at that age and have ever since, although the expression of it may have changed over the years. The idea that one doesn’t know what love is until reaching adulthood doesn’t make sense to me.

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i was 14 when i fell in love with the guy that im still in love with right now..we went out for 1 year 5 months 17days…but we didnt officially end it until 2 years 2 months…i still have feelings for him and love him lotz and i know i always will because hes my first love and i think no one can really totally move on from their first true is just high school for me but love is love and age dont matter

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I think you can move on as things change, but there is something about that first love that’ll always make you pause and smile when you think about it…..[pauses and smiles]

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thats so nice..i really brings a smile on my face just thinking back =]

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I was 18. I had some puppy love type of affection for a couple of boys before that, but the first real love was a friend of my brother’s. We were engaged for about a year, but we broke it off because I was too wild at that age, and he couldn’t handle me. Then I fell in love with my wasband at 22.

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26, there were some complications, and sex had to stay out of the equation. Amazing how fast you can fall in love without sex involved. We lasted 4mo, but that was the best and yet most painful 4mos in my life.

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I fell in love in middle school. I was very young. Couldn’t be any older than 13. But I knew it was love because it was a feeling I had never felt before, an emotion that lifted me from even the roughest days. I actually still think about her to this day even though we lost touch. She is still in my heart after 10 years. In some ways I still love her. It seemed as if nothing around me mattered and it was just us. I could care less about anything else. I’m currently in love again but its still not the same exact love I first felt when I was 13. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get that feeling back

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I fell in love the first time when I was 25 I was breaking up with my boyfriend so this guy came to work in the same company. We went out 1 month after we met and stayed together for a year. We break up mainly because we didn’t had the same vision of the future the love was still there.

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I think i was 12 or 13. He was my third boyfriend and we went out for about eight months and then summer came and he decided that it would be to hard to keep a relationship going so he broke up with me. It took me a while to get over what had happened but now where like best friends.

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I’m close to 25 and it has never ever happened

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i was 10 years old when i met him in the 5th grade i didnt tell him i liked him until i was in 6th grade the day b4 6th grade graduation lol…he told me that he liked me back and the next day he moved far far away and i would always think of him…i would compare guys 2 him (lol i noe im wierd)
but its been 7 years already almost 8
we talk all the time he says he still loves me and i love him eventho we r super duper far and all that….he sold all his stuff 2 get a plane ticket 2 come see me this august..So yea im still in love with my first love and i was 10 hehehe <33

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