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What is the meaning behind a dream about falling in love?

Asked by edimarco93 (78points) April 15th, 2011 from iPhone

Last night I had this dream that I fell madly in love with this man,but I have never seen him in my waking life or dream life.

This type of dream is not uncommon to me.when I get these dreams it is always with a different man (around my age). What does it mean? Is my dream just an illustration of what I desire most?When will this dream be fulfilled?

A bit about me
I’m 18
A girl
Haven’t had a boyfriend, yet

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It may be a manifestation of your desires. But according to psychological studies, dreams are not always just desires. Maybe the thought of falling in love has been recurring in your daily thoughts? Studies show that the more you think of something, the more likely they show up in your subconscious states.

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It really doesn’t mean anything except that you want to fall in love.

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It means nothing unless he looked like me in your dreams.

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Do you have a crush on someone?

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In waking life, do you think about having a boyfriend and maybe falling in love a lot? Is this a subject you are generally quite interested in?

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My sister’s husband always claimed that he dreamt about her just a few weeks before he met her. He even recognized her from his dream. Wow!

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Dreams don’t mean anything.

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I once had a dream like this too, and a few weeks later I found the man who was in my dream!

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That’s nothing much! its all about the fantasies that your mind creates especially when you are going through your teen age. So don’t worry girl and enjoy in your dreams at least.

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