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Can anyone help me with a mysterious iPod delima I'm having?

Asked by lional (5points) April 20th, 2008

I know this is probably not the best place to come to for help with technology, but I figured that it’s at least worth a shot. So here it goes:

I recently plugged my iPod into my laptop PC running Vista, and instead of the iPod updating… it erased off all of the thousands of songs I had on it. I’ve spent the last few days trying to scour the net looking for solutions, but I’ve yet to come across any that have worked. When I plug the iPod in now, the computer recognizes that a device is connected, but iTunes completely freezes.

I have reinstalled iTunes, and have attempted to restore my iPod to it’s factory settings (but have been unsuccessful at that). Now, when I unplug/disconnect the iPod from the USB attachment, iTunes unfreezes, and a ‘warning’ box appears saying that it needs to be reformatted… but I can’t reformat it, since the iPod is no longer connected (and, as I said before, when I plug it back in, iTunes freezes, and the program is unresponsive).

I’m using a 4th generation (picture here), if that helps at all. Thank you very much! If you need more information, please ask, and I’ll respond back as quickly as I can!

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call apple customer service. When I installed vista on my home computer it screwed iTunes too. Thankfully I did not have my iPod connected.

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Call Tech Support – or try posting same Q here

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calling tech support will not work, that iPod is long out of warranty.

try docking it to another computer to format it. Make sure your computer has USB 2.0 or FireWire port. If you try using an older USB port, you will have docking / charging problems.

If you can’t find a of to format it on, try the apple store. You can format an iPod for windows on a mac.

Once you have the iPod so it turns on, bring it back and make sure you have a good connection to your machine (using the propper ports)

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Make sure that model has been updated, so that it’s running the latest firmware.

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I’ve had my Nano not being detected by a Windows PC, while it was recognized on an Ubuntu system. So perhaps the solution might be to download the Ubuntu ISO image, run from that CD (it can run without installing it, so there’s no risk) and see if it can find it. You can then format it using System->Administration->Partition Editor (as FAT32). Make sure that you do not format your hard drive :) (You can recognize it by its size)

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it was probly trying to sync ur music, and if u didnt have all the songs on your comp, then it would remove them. try setting it to manually manage music next time.

to fix it, hold down the middle buton and menu for about 10 secs to reboot it. as soon as the screen fades, immediately press and hold middle and play/pause and hold it until it boots into disk mode. then your computer should be able to recognize it, and if u need to, you can then restore it. you probly dont need to download ubunto or call support or anything, it shouldnt be too hard to fix.

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True, disk mode should also be able to help, stupid that I didn’t think of that (how come everybody seems to need disk mode at some point?).

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The answer is probably in the missing bite of the Apple.

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I think but im not sure that warranty or not if somethings wrong with the iPod software and nothing is physically wrong they will replace it and give you a new one. Im not 100% sure though. If you live in Toronto they have great stores called iRepair that do a great job at fixing Apple products for only around 30 dollars. Also if you want to get you songns back on your ocmputer you can search rip ipod or copy ipod.

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I know your problem, you’re running Vista.

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