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Are all PS3 games in blu-ray format?

Asked by suejester (75points) April 21st, 2008

If not which ones are

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as far as i know, yeah, i rememeber back in the beginning of PS2 there where some CD-ROM discs (and even later on, with some SNK ports like samsho 5) but no, as far as i know, it’s all blu-ray, why do you wanna know if i may ask?

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Thanks for the response. I figured all PS3 games were blu-ray format, because I never saw anything that said, “game x blu-ray format”. I just happened to be checking out games on ebay and I saw Assassin’s Creed being advertised as “blu-ray format”. I was assuming it was a way to draw attention to the item. However, it did require a basic fundemental question to be asked. I just bought a ps3 this weekend for the blu-ray player.

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aaah ok, well, yeah, it’s an advertisment trick, for a game that could have been so much better than it turned out to be, so yeah, here i am saying it, AC was not so great…

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curses… I just put a bid on the game.. oh well…if I win the bid i will give it a shot. are there any other PS3 games or wii games you recommend?

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What? A C was awesome! The scenery alone was amazing. Granted it was more of a slow sneaky walk around game, but I loved it.

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i loved how it took around 6 hours to finish 20 missions that where the same, i loved about the lack of freedom in the assasination of my victoms…A C in a few lines

- ride to town
– do a couple of the same choirs
– walk to point A and watch cutscene
– walk up to target (avoid walking into blue walls)
– kill target
– repeat step 1, 19 times

true, it was a nice built, and you won’t hear me saying that there was anything wrong with that, but the way they used those resources…it was just a big waste, it wasn’t cool to assinate (the word is even used in the title of the game), it wasn’t like say, hitman, where you have to plan, have to time it, it was more a way of showing of the free-running engine…

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I think I must have gone about it differently than you. I enjoyed checking out the cities a lot, had fun with the climbing and jumping. I loved the look of it all, and some of the assasinations were involved. I didnt go into the game expecting it to be like any other game out there. I feel bad you didnt like it, because I had so much fun playing around with all of the side missions, as well as fighting the Templars. I liked jumping through peoples shop fronts to escape, and sneaking up and knifing guards and chucking daggers at others. I just tried to see what all I could find in it, with no idea of what to expect. It is still one of my favorites.

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I’d suggest Resistance: Fall of Man for the PS3. It’s an AMAZING first person shooter that takes place in the mid-1900s. But it’s not a WWII game. It was a launch title for the PS3, and the sequel to it (which I’m very excited for, by the way) comes out this November!

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well, don’t get me all wrong here, the enige was nicely built, as well as the physics, nothing to complain there, but like i said, the way those resources where used… i mean, i had fun throwing guards down towers etc. but the main portion of the game was just so disapointing, it ruined it completely for me

a nice one to check out is ninja gaiden sigma, i guess it’ll go down in price, since ninja gaiden II is on it’s way, the game is pretty hard, but that’s what i like about it

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have you tried rainbow six vegas 1&2? They rock.

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can’t forget call of duty 4 either

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