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Help! Why can't I still get a surround sound?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26577points) February 19th, 2012

I’m totally flummoxed. I’m not in any way tech savvy but I do my best to catch up. Not enough. I still suck.

See, we just purchased these :

40” Sony Bravia LCD TV
PS3 with BluRay disc player
Sony Bravia Home Theatre System

I connected the TV with the PS3 with an HDMI cable.
I connected the Home Theater to the TV with an HDMI cable and an optical cable.

I put in a BluRay disc to the PS3 hoping to get the two surround speakers located behind me to work. They don’t. Also, the center speaker doesn’t work. Only the subwoofer and the two side speakers do. What am I missing?

Would appreciate all help I could get. Thanks.

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If some speakers work and some don’t, that means your surround sound system is getting a signal. That means there’s a problem in the connection to the specific speakers that aren’t working. Check that the wires are connected properly to the speakers and to the back of the system. Checks that the switches and whatnot are set (your problem may be as simple as that the rear volume may be set to zero). It could be that the wires to the rear speakers are broken, but that’s a long shot. Still, try replacing the wires to the rear speakers.

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@HungryGuy I run a syncing and testing program between the TV and the Home Theater system. All the speakers sounded well, so I assume the wiring and connectors are well in place.

I’ll see about the rear speaker volume adjustment, if I could find where it is. Lol. Thanks!

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@mazingerz88 – I’m confused, then. In your question, you say that you’re not getting sound from your rear speakers. Now you say that they’re all working well.

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Do you need to turn the TV speakers off?

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Have you changed the audio settings on the PS3 so it spits out surround sound instead of stereo?

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Shouldn’t you have the PS3 running through the home theater? Your audio output from the TV to the home theater may only be two channels, you have to have 5.1 (or 6.1, depending on your system) run through the Home Theater.

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I think @zenvelo has it. I have my console and my PC running into my home theater system instead of my TV for full effect.

As it stands, I think you will have all your speakers work from the home theater, but not from the PS3, and that ain’t right.

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@HungryGuy The rear speakers and center speaker produced sound when I ran the calibration test/tone test. So I know the wire connections are fine. It’s when I play a movie disc that they don’t work.

Thanks guys! Will work on all these great tips you posted…

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@mazingerz88 – In that case, the problem must be with your BluRay player (or that the particular movie you’re watching doesn’t support Dolby 5.1 [or whatever standard(s) your surround sound processor supports]). Try a different movie, and/or borrow a BluRay player from a friend.

Most likely, your source (BluRay, PS3, or whatever) will have multiple outputs (HDMI, component audio/video, etc), but you need to feed both your TV and your sound system an HDMI signal to get the best of both audio and video.

As others suggested, if your BluRay player has multiple HDMI outputs, you can connect your sound system directly to it and bypass the TV for the sound. But if you only have one HDMI out on your BluRay player, you’re SOL. Also, if you plug your sound system directly into your source, you’ll need to plug/unplug wires every time you want to listen to a different source, which is a pain, IMO.

But (in my set up, anyway) every source connects to the TV (I use the TV remote to select the source), and then the TV outputs the audio (from whatever source) to the sound system (having a sound system plugged in automatically turns off the TV’s speaker). That should work for you, too.

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