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Why do you like Twitter?

Asked by oddrax (145points) April 21st, 2008

I really can’t find what is so great about it

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Never used it…...I also don’t get the obsession with facebook and the likes, its so attention-seeking and often without substance

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it’s awesome when you have an iphone. cause you can do it anywhere. The times i’m at my computer its seems dumb to use it. but like if im out doing something fun i’ll twit and my friends will write back commenting about it or say what they’re up to. It sounds so dumb to explain to someone about twitter. It’s just FUN.

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twitter itself is cool. But I have more friends that update there status on facebook. Same thing really. Yay future iPhone apps.

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I have found it interesting for some reason after initially not seeing the point, but it would be more fun if any of my friends used it, but they are all facebook users and would be unlikely to change anytime soon.

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I like twitter because it provides social interaction between my friends, and other people I’ve met while twitting.

Since I have a jailbroken iPhone I use a application called Twinkle, which allows me to post to Twitter and twitt with others around me(using the iPhone’s location based services). This allows me to meet other people who are in my area.

I never used Twitter before I got my iPhone.

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I don’t.

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