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Who would love an iGoogle Fluther gadget?

Asked by smart1979 (442points) April 21st, 2008

I’d love to have a little Fluther gadget on my iGoogle showing a couple of the most recent questions asked. Who else?

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The question being asked should be “Who wouldn’t want a Fluther app for iGoogle, or the Mac Dashboard”

To answer your question, of course I would want one.

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I would want a fluther adobe air app a lot better. I personally like programs I can just open without typing in URL’s all day. Adobe Air App hear me Fluther God’s!

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Awesome, thanks Erik.

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You can already do that. If you want a gadget to display the “Activity You Are Following”, just follow these steps:
1. Click on Activity You Are Following and copy the link of the RSS feed which should be something like (where username is your own fluther username)
2. Go to iGoogle and click on the Add Stuff link on the right hand corner.
3. Once on the Add Stuff page, find the link with an rss icon that says Add feed or gadget. It should be on the left hand side.
3. Click on it and just paste the url of the RSS feed you copied in step 1.
3. Press Add

Now you can see all the updated Questions You Are Following on your very own iGoogle gadget . You can make another gadget that displays the Questions For You by using the other rss link.

(i should blog about these things just to get more visitors)

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