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Asked by goldilocks (273points) April 21st, 2008 from iPhone

Just yesterday I realized that I really should be a vegetarian and Im finding it hard to remember to not eat meat! Haha any tips?

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Tips: Iceburg lettuce DOESN’T COUNT.
If its a lettuce and its not daaark green… it doesn’t count.

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If you are craving meat, one idea might be to start with non-meat items that taste like and resemble animal. There are some mentioned here that are worth trying.

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animal flesh. . .
the steroids injected into the cattle
the tight spaces chickens are forced into.
pigs in sties they can’t turn around in. they can barely move.
factory farms.
cattle being hung from their hind legs and having their throats slit while still conscious.
chicks having their beaks severed off.
chickens developing too quickly to support their own weight.
pigs being skinned while conscious

all facts.
and this is just off the top of my head.

the best of luck to you in your decision to be vegetarian.


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Less chance of heart attack, arteriosclerosis, breast cancer, obesity (———>diabetes),
for starters. Live long and prosper, perhaps. Food supply will stretch further w/o animal protein being such a large part of most First World countries’ diet.

You may feel much better, too.

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veg here! Boca meat and burgers. Read skinny bitch. The book turned my eating habbit around. Read slaughter house. They slice off the noses of pigs and throw salt at the cut just to see what happens. I will never eat real meat ever again

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they have great alternatives if you commits to it. I still crave it but then think of the abuse of the animals and its horror!!!

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@Alina; good suggestions (*Slaughter)

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sorry iPhone…... I type too fast on it LOL

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@Alina- I thought that was a command when I first read it.

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pee LOL
Well you know me by now ha ha

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Getting back on track; very good answers and resources to
similar question here

(Disclaimer; 4 answers are mine but they are loaded with good information, if I say so myself.)

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gail, great link. I bookmarked it for reference. Thank you!

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[Fluther Moderator:] Great question, but please use a more descriptive title in the future. Thanks!

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@goldilocks – why do you think that you “should be vegetarian” ?
(what was behind your “just yesterday I realised…” ?)

By the way, I think your question opens up a potentially very rich discussion about this transition period into veg – why some people decide to go veg, and why some people revert back (is it out of lack of will power/commitment or they tried it and felt it really wasn’t for them… etc.)

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oh well I have multiple reasons:
-reason 1 is because I am a very big environmentalist and cow farming (and other farming) is very bad for the environment
– reason two is because I have always loved animals and all of the horrific things that are happening to them (see @ishotthesherrif’s answer) makes me sick
– Ive been trying for a while but I didn’t really become serious about it until yesterday!

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oh and also I’m sorry I probably could of writtren my question better. Haha

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i’m so glad you’re doing this! if you ever need someone to talk to about it let me know!

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thanks!!! I’ve havnt been getting much support.. My friends all think that one person isn’t gonna do anything. But it can’t hurt! Haha

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A thousand points of light. Be the leader…and good for you. We will be your support.

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haha thanks!

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i promise the animals think differently.
they say one vegetarian saves 99 animals lives a year, but i’m sure it’s way more than that. especially in america.

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I’d say… find yummy vegetarian food that you really enjoy.
Get a new cookbook (there seem to be a couple of fluther threads offering recipes), and really make your commitment something fun. That way, you won’t “forget” about not eating meat.

And if you are big environmentalist / animal lover you can associate those chops of meats with the animals you love. Surround yourself with pictures of all the animals you are saving!

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I guess this is an old question, but I hope you’re still trying to be veg, goldilocks. It’s a personal journey, and I think when I finally became vegan I was primed for it in a way… but even though I was completely committed, it was still a difficult transition in some ways. What helped me in the beginning was loading up on the facts—not just statistics, but the overall picture of what happens in the animal industries. Books and films can be a big help in that regard.

Also, it might help to meet some other vegetarians or vegans who can give you moral support and make you feel less like a weirdo. In some towns you might be able to join a meetup or vegetarian society, or you might have good luck finding community online. I’m not the most outgoing person, but being part of a veg community helped me a lot, especially at the beginning.

In case you’re wondering why someone would become vegan instead of just vegetarian… well, for me it was because I found out that the egg and dairy industries are far more cruel than the meat industries. And meat production is a horrifying industry. From there it all snowballed into avoiding all animal products, as much as possible. It’s not hard once you’re doing it, at least in my opinion. I believe it’s the best decision I ever made.

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