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Can I get some kind of food poisening from drinking 2 month old water that was in my Camelback ?

Asked by cornman (737points) April 21st, 2008 from iPhone
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oh my lord and you r not even back packing through Europe? Lol

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Probably some kind of sickness. Drinking water from a Camelback is unhealthy enough when it is fresh because of all the chemicals the plastic leaches, and if it’s been in there for a couple months…. Well, I would strongly recommend against it unless completely necessary (i.e. middle of desert, no other water source around).

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Bacteria multiply in stagnant water, and chemicals from the plastic dissolve into the liquid. If you drank too much you are likely to become quite ill. Hope this helps.

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I drank about 30 oz. of it Saturday and I have shit my guts out today.

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not to hijack the thread, but: do camelbacks leach? I thought that was part of their sales pitch—that they don’t.
..and drinking that water was a terrible idea, at the very least, it was probably full of mildew.

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@GD Kimble, with all this new Bisphenol A research and info coming out, I think there was something about Camelbacks having used it and claiming they will get rid of it soon.

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You will probably recover and survive. Please don’t do that again.

When I was in Jr. high school, a long long time ago, we had a project that involved tap water that sat out for 48 hours. In just that amount of time the range of wonderful little animals, to look at under the microscopic, was amazing. I can only imagine what 2 months created.

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@cornman: I think you answered your own question.

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you should just buy new water instead of using old ones

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