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What is the best way to express anger?

Asked by FluffyChicken (5486points) April 24th, 2011

What’s the best way to get it out when you are really fucking angry? So angry you just want to punch someone in the face. Any good strategies?

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Punch a face substitute
– a punching bag
– a stuffed animal’s face

Go for a walk, swim, hike, long drive.
Write it all down. I’d get out of the environment you’re use to and experience something new.

Oh and good luck! It seems like you’ve been having a rough few days. Hope you start feeling better :)

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Around here, knitting with our abundant amounts of yarn is great therapy.

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A fast walk with crazy talk and cursing usually helps me out.

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I get in my car and scream at the top of my lungs as much as I want to. Doing this in a less populated place generally works best since you’re less likely to have people thinking you’re nuts or calling the cops on you for needing help.

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I growl or scream into a pillow (but not too hard ‘cause you can do some damage…as I discovered a couple of weeks ago!) but punching a pillow works too!

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Take a ball of yarn, two knitting needles, and shove them up the ass of the arrogant fucker who pisses you off.
But do it in a nice way.

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Talk to someone who’s not a target of your anger, while taking a long walk on a snowy night. (It helps to hide the tears that way, too.)

This is the voice of experience, from 36 years later. I still recall that night. And I never punched her, but if anyone ever deserved it…

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Discharging fire arms and blowing stuff up. At the same time.

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I just explain yourself: “I’m very angry right now, so I’m going to do X (take a walk etc.)”.

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Isn’t there a 3 question limit per day?

I like being sarcastic and psycho-chatting to vent.

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Anything that takes physical effort can help release the anger: kneading bread; walking or running hard; throwing stones into water; beating rugs; washing floors; cleaning the fireplace; wedging clay; playing a piano or blowing a horn loudly; yelling at the top of your lungs (pick a place that won’t disturb someone else. Do NOT drive fast or do something that could actually be destructive. On a quieter note, talk it out with a neutral friend.

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Punch the thing that makes you angry.

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Interesting article in the NYT today – swearing eases pain. Google it.

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Cuss like a sailor, as @seazen_ suggests.

And then find your state of Zen and be at one with the universe. Or write angsty poems.

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I’ve been known to have a mini-tantrum or a psychotic episode, whatever you want to call it. Usually consists of some unintelligible ranting, a lot of curse words, maybe some foot stomping. Probably lasts 10 seconds and I feel so much better afterward. This would be for severe anger, not just your run of the mill anger.

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I do housework, or the mile walk per my doctor’s orders. Sometimes I go out and pull weeds like crazy.

If it happens during a confrontation, I just let my voice get very loud and angry (I don’t swear, though) and tell the person off.

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Go for a run or any other kind of vigorous exercise.
Write how you’re feeling down and then burn the paper.
If you don’t feel like doing that, scream into a pillow or something like that. It’s a horrible feeling to carry around so try to release it somehow. Just so long as it’s not destructive to yourself.
Or anyone else

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I empty the contents of the wife’s handbag/purse, bury my face in it & scream til my face turns blue. I love the smell of leather see….what can you do?

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I go over to Yarnlady’s house and do housework nekked while cursing. Best zen experience ever. Love that yaRn.

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Read this book link

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