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Why doesn't anyone struck by Naomi Campbell strike her back?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) March 5th, 2010

One day Naomi Campbell is going to have one of her classic tissies and the person she hits is going to go ape shit on her.

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I’d hit that, oh yes, I would.

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Not sexual hit.

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That woman is tall and scary. I wouldn’t fuck with her. Could you imagine? She would be like a human jumping spider—just legs and arms coming at you, her mouth snarling. Yikes!

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Not me; she’s big!

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Anyone who throws a phone at me is going to cry like a baby ;)

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cell phone fight…

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Oh cmon now, it’s not like seeing Naomi’s nipple is new to anyone.
Lindsay Lohan has appeared naked less than Naomi has.

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Sorry, I didn’t even know who she was until this question got me looking.

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When I first read the question, I thought you meant Naomi Klien and I was thinking, “Wait, Naomi is smart and right about a bunch of shit. Why would I want to hit her??”

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@talljasperman -I believe I could ring her!

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I’m like half her size but if the amazon started a fight with me she will come out hurting. I might end up in the hospital but I’ll have a good shot at her stomach and knees. I’ll hit her at the knee caps first than go crazy on her million dollar face. No amount of makeup will save her.
Its not that I’m that scrappy but I know I would loose it if someone was that disrespectful to me and I don’t exactly see straight when that happens. Words can make me angry but physical touch just sends me over the edge.
Someday she may find that person. She better look out.

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No way. She is 5’10” with her heels off. With her heels on I imagine she is taller than 6 feet! Plus she’s a little psycho. If she came at me I’d run. Another issue is she’s rich. Rich people can afford lawyers. I can’t.

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Because unless you knock her out, she will fight back, she isn’t just going to stand there in utter shock and bemusement.

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I imagine her lawyers are better paid than mine. More bloodthirsty, too.

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[mod says] Link removed for being NSFW without giving a warning about it.

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I’m surprised no one has said “Because when you hit her back, your lawsuit against her for hitting you is a lot less compelling”. That’s my answer.

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chica says: Can you please link it again with a NSFW tag @davidbetterman? I wanna see Naomi-nipple too!

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i would consider it an honour to be struck by Naomi Campbell, she is hot and sassy, last time i checked, horribly overpaid and a corporate whore, notwithstanding. i wonder with the correct training whether she would make a decent assassin?

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what a tiny nipple!

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Her fucking girly scream would be heard in space,besides which, the skinny tart would probably snap in two if she were to be give the merest of blows.She’s all mouth that annoying bint.

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Hitting back might land you in jail, if male.

Far better to land in court with a lawsuit against her with possibility of a massive payout.

If she’s the only one doing the hitting, she’s definitely the one doing the paying. And I’m assuming she’s got deep pockets.

If you resist the urge to retaliate physically, you won’t have any trouble finding a lawyer willing to take the case on a contingency basis. Lawyers love suing those with deep pockets.

I’d much prefer going to the bank with a big fat check rather than risking jail for the measly pleasure of retalliation.


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I have always wondered what it would be like to ridgehand a bitchy talk show host who thinks they have free reign on the universe….send her over!!

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@Buttonstc Hitting back might land you in jail, if male.

Why the hell isn’t she in jail by now? It was big, shocking news the first time but now it is barely even news. How many free passes to celebrities get, anyway?

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Its interesting how money makes Naomi’s assaults go away.
Getting smacked with a phone by Naomi Campbell is a very lucrative business these days.

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I agree with you. A little jail time might make her think twice about curbing her temper.

If our justice system were truly just she would. But money buys privilege.

Are we really so surprised ? I mean, OJ Simpson hired the dream team and literally got away with murder.

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@Cruiser this was as close as i could find,

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Because as soon as she hits them, she turns sideways on & simply disappears!

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@Cruiser: Interesting, but Naomi Campbell isn’t a talk show host…never has been.

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He might be thinking of another supermodel who does or did (Tyra Banks) and sort of morphing them together in his memory.

I could be wrong, but that was my impression :)

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