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How can I confirm that no one else is using my Social Security number?

Asked by kelly (1908points) June 3rd, 2007
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I wouldn't trust anything short of an official government office ( or your own bank for financial information. There are some independent ID-monitoring services out there that are more shady than you know (ie. I haven't seen any indication that they do anything besides pulling a couple regular public records reports and sending them to you for a high monthly fee. Be careful.

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I would suggest a company who’s commercial I saw on TV, LifeLock. LifeLock prevents ID theft. Most companies do nothing to prevent anyone from using your personal information, but instead give you a policy to provide “some” financial coverage if you become a victim. What’s also nice is that LifeLock has an exclusive $1,000,000 Guarantee.

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Give me your social security number and I will check. LOL

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