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How do I get free ringtones for my iPhone?

Asked by sevbandit (7points) April 21st, 2008 from iPhone


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Make them in Garage Band.

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@bulb- yours is easier. It cut out the chorus for me.

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there is a great video that tells you step by step directions on youtube. Just type in ringtones for iPhone. The best one is by a guy with an accident. He goes into great detail. Sorry I don’t know the exact name but there are a few good one to choose from

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he actually tells you how to create your own rintone from any song in your library

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That’s actually kinda fun. Does anyone know how I can email a ringtone?

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I imagine you could go to the tone you want to send on Audiko, then copy the url, and paste it in an email. As far as emailing from the iPhone, I don’t know! I linked Against Me in my second post of this thread, because that is one that I created! I love me some punk! Good Luck PW!

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I use garage band like peedub suggested. It works fine for me.

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Thanks P! I’ve got that joint in my iPhone, already!

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Really??? You da’ man!

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Thanks to you! I do!

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