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Which is the best Radiohead album?

Asked by oddrax (145points) April 21st, 2008
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For me the best Radiohead album is “The Bends”, because all the songs are in the same style, and there are some masterpieces like “Planet Telex”, “My Iron Lung” or “High and Dry”.

“OK Computer” is really good too but “The Bends” is the best in my heart since it is related with some special things I lived, it’s then not a real musical objective point of view but the mix of music and feelings, which can makes you love a really horrible song in some case !

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The Bends is a fantastic album and their best, hands down. A lot of great songs are on that album – maybe only three aren’t instantly recognizable by even casual Radiohead fans. OK Computer gave us Paranoid Android and Karma Police, which are both great songs, but I’d rank Kid A as my #2, since it includes Everything in Its Right Place, Kid A, and Idioteque. Just my humble opinion.

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you can cherry pick some great songs from pablo honey but the bends and ok computer are much more solid albums. After that they kind of get a little dull.

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Can’t go wrong with OK Computer or The Bends first. Then personally I would go for Pablo Honey, Hail to the Thief or In Rainbows, over Kid A and Amnesiac, but those two are just as good. All contain awesome tracks.

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in college I choose the bends. Since I grew up, ok computer.

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No one has mentioned otehr albums? I really like In Rainbows, and I’ve always liked Kid A and Amensiac. Maybe that’s because I’m weird and I like the experimental nature of Kid A and Amnesiac. Honestly, I don’t have a favorite. Like charming said, you can pick songs from any of the first three, but you can pick solid songs from any of the others also. It’s just a great body of work.

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Ok Computer – A+
The Bends – A
Hail to the Thief – B+
Kid A – B
In Rainbows – B -
Amnesiac – C
Pablo Honey – D

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Why do we rag on pablo Honey so much? They were finding themselves out. I must say, I like that album. I think I read an article, a long time ago, like 10 years is long, that during that album they felt like every guitar player, all three of them, had to play on each song. As the album’s progressed, and they matured, they changed that. As I said previously, I don’t think there’s a bad album in the bunch.

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For me, In Rainbows and Kid A rank among the top albums for sure. Maybe I am an experimentation junkie…

Also, it’s important to remember that we are rating the albums relative to eachother, so while maybe Pablo Honey is a D compared to OK Computer, it is still a good album in the sense of general music goodness.

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I like the idea that we are comparing them to each other; however, I believe some individuals may believe that Pablo Honey is a D when compared to other artists and albums.

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