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What AMD processors will work with a Toshiba Satellite C655D Laptop?

Asked by Fred931 (9434points) April 25th, 2011

Good news: Found NFS Hot Pursuit for 70% off via PC download on Amazon. $15 is an effin’ steal.

Bad: I don’t have the computer to do it. Not even a tower, just laptops. The one I’m using now has enough memory and a good enough mobile graphics card, but, because my parents are cheapskates and MUST have the $350 computer on sale, I’ve unrealizingly wound up with an AMD Sempron (gasp) processor.

According to a repair manual I looked up online, this computer also came available with an Athlon II processor. However, I was wondering if it could handle a better processor, like a Phenom x2 or x4, or greater (yeah, right).

I think I’ll be sending this to a shop to swap processors; or if it’s more than triple what it would cost me to get one from Newegg and put in myself, I’ve found the repair guide online already and think I can handle it.

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This might help; it’s the specs for the laptop CPU.

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I think I’m on to something: The mobile Athlon 64’s are now Turion 64’s. Makes more sense now.

Would anyone be able to determine what of those kinds of processors are compatible with my S1-socket motherboard?

This has become less of a question and more of a blog. C’mon, guys…

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This is the only other possible processor:


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You’ll run into a few issues here.

Firstly, you’ll have to take power into account. A high powered dual core/quad core is going to likely push your laptops shitty power supply to the max, and there’s a good chance that it could fry it. It’s something to check out before you take the plunge. It’s not specific to your laptop, but manufacturers put as small as a power supply as possible in their gear.

Secondly, cooling. If your computer already runs hot, updating your processor will fry it, I guarantee it. A quad core needs a better heatsink/cooling system, and I doubt you’ll be able to fit a better one in your laptop. I’d be very, very wary of updating your processor and avoid it if you want.

Thirdly, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit isn’t good enough of a game to warrant such an update. That’s just my opinion, but I didn’t like it much.

If you can, just see if you can pick up a cheap gaming tower. There are some for about 400 on NewEgg right now. It’ll play NFS, and pretty much every game you want coming out this year. And then, when it becomes obsolete, you’ll be able to replace every part inside it without worrying about cooling or the power supply.

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Well, in a scenario where I cannot even spend the $1k dollars that I actually EARNED by WORKING because of my parents trying to “encourage” me to save for my car, begging them for the $50 “thing” that might be bad will work, and begging them for the $500 “wtf a new computer” that will be fantastic for all of my needs will be considered unnecessary and frivolous. Fuck parents, they don’t know anything!

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@Fred931 You could build a desktop computer yourself and tell your parents it’s educational and productive.

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@dverhey Hahaha!

But this is the exact other AMD processor which was available for this specific laptop with this specific motherboard, etc. etc. I would think that the cooling and power supply would be the same for each version with one or the other.

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