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What stores carry Dove Ice Cream or Dove Ice Cream Bars?

Asked by snowberry (21616points) April 26th, 2011

My in-laws are fond of Dove Ice Cream Bars. They tell me they can’t find them in the stores anymore. We looked online, and you can purchase them from Amazon, etc. but you have to buy a case, and that’s too much ice cream for them because they don’t have a big enough freezer.

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Call Dove directly and ask. I can buy them in all my markets here I think? kroger, Schnucks, not sure about Walmart. I know my inlaws buy them at Publix.

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I’ve seen them at Albertsons, Acme (same company as Albertsons, different name), Giant, Safeway, Food Lion, and a few other grocery stores. They could call their grocery store and ask if it’s possible for them to get them in.

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Here is a link to Dove.

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Shoppers Food Warehouse used to, and still does as far as I know…

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I just saw them at King Soopers (Kroger)

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Thanks everyone. Perhaps they aren’t shopping in the right stores. I’ll probably call around to their local grocery stores and ask them, and save them the trouble of having to hunt them down. I appreciate the help!

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What area are you and they in?

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They are in Northern Indiana. I am at the other end of the country.

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I wonder if this helps.

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So you can’t store half the case in your freezer. You’re a loving daughter-in-law. Are they near a specialty grocer or food store that would be willing to order some? I

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@gailcalled They are quite elderly, and so I will be doing the search from my house. When/if I find the answers I’ll call them and tell them how and where to get them. Thanks.

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I’ve seen them in Walgreens.

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