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What happens if I want to reject accepted offer from a university?

Asked by hsjh (41points) April 26th, 2011

I accepted an offer from a university but got accepted into another university that I prefer going to. I want to reject the accepted offer they gave me prior the offer I received later on. What should I do?? Will there be any negative consequences??

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No, there won’t be any consequences. Most schools require a letter of intent (to enroll, and actually go there) by a certain date, and you just don’t give a letter of intent to the school you don’t want to go to.

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If you have already sent a letter of acceptance, just send them another letter asking to be released.

They would much rather release you now when they have time to fill your slot, than hold it open for you and you not show up.

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@MyNewtBoobs Yeah, most schools require you to put up a deposit first. If you withdraw before school starts, the school would simply keep the deposit. Otherwise, the deposit would be credited to your first semester’s tuition.

At least, that’s how it is at the university I attended.

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@weeveeship When you applied? I mean, I had to pay an application fee, but I didn’t have to pay a deposit till I responded with my letter of intent. Cuz pretty much everyone applies to multiple schools, it’s the whole “cast a wide net” thing.

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@MyNewtBoobs No, I meant you need to send a deposit with your letter of intent. I think the OP might have already sent in the letter of intent as the OP mentioned “accepting an acceptance from an university.”

I just wanted OP to know that any deposit OP sent in would likely be forfeited. However, that is the extent of what the university can do should OP decide to go to another school.

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Simply write to them and say that you no longer plan to attend the university.

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I’ve had to decline offers on a few occasions. Just write a letter or email explaining that you’ve decided to accept another offer, thanks for the consideration, yada yada yada.

If you’ve already accepted the offer from the university you don’t want to go to anymore, then things become a little more complicated, and I’d suggest that if this is the case, contact the admissions department and find out exactly what you need to do.

There won’t be any negative consequences. In fact, some universities will defer your acceptance for a calendar year, so that if you decide to go there after all, you won’t have to reapply if it’s within the year.

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And it means that the university can invite someone from the waiting list, who may be dying to matriculate there, to attend.

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I received 7 offers of admission when I applied for admission to 12 Masters degree programs in my field. Obviously I had to decline 6 of those offers.

I thanked them for their offer and explained that I chose to accept an offer of admission from another institution.

Nothing bad happened. Six people on waiting lists received the offers for the positions I turned down.

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I hadn’t thought about the waitlisted people. If you’re sure you’re not going to accept the offer, decline it as soon as you’re certain. People on waitlists (like me) will definitely appreciate it.

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