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Do you have an article of clothing that is looking a little worse for wear, but, you choose to wear it anyway (for comfort?) If so, what is it?

Asked by Jude (32112points) April 29th, 2011

I have some gnarly looking hospital scrubs that I could easily make into a mini see-through shoji screen.

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I have a black Flogging Molly shirt that I refuse to get rid of. It has holes in it and everything, but I love wearing it!

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I have a pair of camouflage pants that are so threadbare that they camouflaged themselves. ;)

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It depends. I chuck raggy clothes. But I know how to use a sewing machine, so I repair small holes and frayed cuffs.

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I have a number of favorite t-shirts that I wear even though they have holes in them.

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These grey cords were looking a little gross (I wore them hiking and shoveling snow). It was time to dispose, but, before I did, I rip the shit out of them.


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Many a pair of boots have been worn longer than they should have.

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A pair of black swear pants, their torn at the bottom but I love them I just don’t wanna get rid of them.

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A particular pair of boots that have a spot lifting from the sole. They are so comfy and look so nice when clean that I located and bought an identical pair recently and have designated the old boots to outdoor jaunts only. Just this morning I was considering having them patched.

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A pair of gray lounging pants that have been washed and worn so much you can see little thin holes when held up to the light, and the leg bottoms are frayed.

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Jogging shoes. By the time I get a new pair broken in they are about wore out. I make repairs to the outer-soles by glueing pieces of outer-sole from older out of use jogging shoes onto my current jogging shoes (And repeat as needed) . I can get about one year of use out of a pair of jogging shoes (jogging 30 to 50 miles per week).

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A gray cashmere sweater. My mom found it at the clothes swap shed at the local dump several years ago. It is not flattering (I call it my “old man sweater”) and it’s shape is funky since someone accidentally put it through the wash. But it is so so soft and warm that I wear it all the time.

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Pretty much my entire wardrobe (with the exception of work suits) fits that description. ;)

…like my Jane’s Addiction tee I bought at the concert in 1991.
Or my favorite pair of Doc Marten Mary Janes that are PERFECTLY broken in after just about a dozen years of wear..

Even most of what I have that’s “new” (new to me at least) comes from Goodwill or thrift it’s all a little worse for wear..but fits me perfectly and is just “me”.

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Am I limited to one? I still wear t-shirts to bed that I wore in highschool. I love comfy clothes for lounging around the house. As I sit here I am wearing a NIN t-shirt that has a hole in it big enough to put my fist through.

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That describes almost half of my clothing. ;-p

I have a Mono Lake tee that’s about 17 years old, and the patches that were sewn over the first set of holes, have now also become sartorial Swiss cheese.

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I have a black fleece Henley style “sweater” from Patagonia that I’ve had for a dozen years. I love it.

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I have a raggedy old pair of boat shoes, about a quarter-century old, smooth soles (deadly on wet floors – paradoxically for boat shoes), and I’ve sewn them up in places several times, but they’re great for slipping on to get the newspaper outside in the snow in the morning when I don’t want to put on shoes… or walk outside barefoot in the snow.

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All of my old sweat pants and shirts. It’s true love.

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I have one 20 year old tshirt, still in pretty good condition, considering it’s age. There’s only one hole and one small stain- it’s pretty stretched out but is soft and comfy. I’ve kept it because of the Bob Marley lyrics on the back:
So many a time I sit and wonder why
This race so, so very hard to run
Then I say to my soul take courage
Battle to be won.
These lyrics got me through many rough spots in college.

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My husband held on to those MC Hammer pants WAY to long.

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Most of my clothes are like that! I am currently wearing a pair of jeans that are covered in wood varnish butthey are so comfy!

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Yep, oneor two things. I’ve a grey cardigan that’s stretched itself out of shape and has a few holes in it. It’s so comfy, I don’t want to let go.

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