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How to recover a lost voice?

Asked by robmandu (21242points) April 22nd, 2008

Had to talk all day today. And will have to again tomorrow. Right now, I sound like Barry White ate a frog. What do you recommend to restore my voice back to its previous dulcet tone glory?

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decaf tea and honey and rest

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tea makes me nauseous. (wish I liked tea, dangit!)

maybe I’ll just eat the honey…

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honey and hot water

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^ honey is a good suggestion… never tried it myself but i heard that honey and lemon juice helps

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Polish Remedy: VODKA, butter, and honey (all warmed up, of course)!

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drink iced coffee and have a cough drop

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cold drinks and caffine are a bad idea.

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Cough drops aren’t what you need for a ‘talked out’ throat. Warm drinks and honey. Good stuff.

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A really good short term remedy is to gargle warm apple cider vinegar and water. That’ll make your voice sound like normal for about a half hour. That’s what I use when I record and I have no voice at all. Works like magic!

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would you believe I have some apple cider vinegar that’s Organic, Raw, Unfiltered, with the ‘Mother’… but it’s at home.

And I’m not.

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Sip on hot water with lots of honey and lemon – honey was recently proven to be more effective than cough syrup at alleviating children’s symptoms

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And just b/c it’s worth saying, no honey for widdle kids under 1 y.o.

Thx all!

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of course honey is the best remedy

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warm drinks, extra creamy and or sugary, and dont talk until you have to.

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Whiskey, lemon juice and honey is a traditional home remedy.

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