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Do herbal remedies for male libido work?

Asked by tirithalui (408points) July 14th, 2008

Hey y’all,
To cut a sorta long story short, I’m on anti-depressants which, aside from working great on my mood, have some fairly annoying side affects.
One I know I can’t do anything about, which is sweating a lot more than usual, but the other is that they effect my libido which sometimes can be a pain when me and my boyfriend are “getting intimate”, and since I’m on medication already it’s a bad idea for me to use anything like viagra, so me and my guy were wondering if there were any herbal things that would actually work.
I’m a bit skeptical about it I guess, but I’m willing to be proven wrong!

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One option is to tell your doctor about the side effect and see if your medication can be changed. Not all anti-depressants are effective for everyone, but there are some that do not have a strong negative impact on the libido and maybe one of those will work for you.

Here is one reference:
“Horny goat weed is used by herbalists to ‘tonify the kidney yang’ which loosely translates to warming the body and increasing vitality. Traditionally horny goat weed is used as part of a combination Asian herbal formula to treat urinary, back, prostate, and sexual problems. Unfortunately, this concept has been manipulated by people who want to sell the herb by itself as a love potion. There is no meaningful research to support these claims.”

I would also caution you that if you plan to try any herbal remedies, please check with your pharmacist or doctor about possible drug interactions. Horny goat weed for example can be a hypotensive (cause low blood pressure).

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Okey dokey. Cheers.
I’ve been on a lot of types/doses of antidepressants and these are the only ones that have really worked, so I’m a bit nervous of changing them. But I’ll see what my doc says about it I guess.

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I’d say you don’t know if viagra is a bad idea until a doctor/pharmacist confirms it. There may be no interactions with your current prescription(s).

Also, you are talking about libido, but you mention viagra. I don’t think they fall in the same realm. Libido is interest and drive to engage in sexual activity. As far as I know, viagra just takes care of mechanical issues (erectile disfunction), not interest. It might be usefuil to parse out which is going on. If you’re interested, but physically unable, then viagra, toys and non-penis focused interactions are an option. If you aren’t interested, then Marina’s suggestion about changing medications might be the direction to look.

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@tirithalui I am sorry to hear that you have already been down the many medications road. I know how hard it can be to find the right one, and why you would be reluctant to change. I still think it might be worth bringing up with your doctor since you should be able to have a life free of depression and with sex! It does not seem too much to ask.

Whatever happens, good luck to you.

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Ta very much guys.
@Mangus, yeah I got it a bit mixed up, partially I guess cos it’s a touchy subject, but I am interested in sex, but it’s just when push comes to shove the mechanical side of things doesn’t quite work as often as hoped.
@Marina, I’m probably having a check up with my doc sometime soon anyway, so I’ll bring it up, but I’m almost 100% certain I wouldn’t change my prescription because I have way, way too much to lose if I start relapsing and losing all the progress I’ve made over the last year. It’s been particularly hard because it was undiagnosed for a very long time which makes the recovery even more hard and so much more precious. A lot of it I owe to my boyfriend who is wonderful in more ways that I can count. We really love eachother. :)

cheers guys for your advice!

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Best of luck to you both. And congratulations on the love! It’s the best thing in the world.

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You should try and send me a PM :D

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tirithalui: If you’ve tried a variety of anti-depressants and the ones you are taking are the only ones that are effective, I wouldn’t advise switching meds.

Why do you say viagra isn’t for you. Perhaps talking to your doctor about that would be beneficial.

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