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Are you benefiting from just hanging off a bar?

Asked by remambermee (442points) May 1st, 2011

Like are you working out your arms or anything?
You’re hanging with your arms straight down, no pull ups or keeping your chin above the bar.

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I guess if doing that is keeping you “out” of bars, that’s some benefit in itself.

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I hang off the overhang above the stairs because I get a good stretch out of it.That is the only benefit.

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If it strains your muscles, then of course. It’s also relaxing if it doesn’t.

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If you are holding yourself up, then yes you are working your arm muscles.

But if you are just dangling? Other than stretching your arm muscles you are probably not “working them out” in any real meaningful way.

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You might be strengthening the grip of hands.

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I do that sometimes when i’m out with the lads. It’s okay though, because if I get too drunk they carry me home :¬)

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Great for countering carpal tunnel and strengthening your grip. Do it enough and you will be crushing beer cans with your bare hands in no time! You will be able to mpress your S/O and dinner guests!

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I imagine it strengthens your grip and stretches your back muscles at the least.

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Your spine (bones, muscles and nerves) may benefit as your body weight may pull your vertebra slightly back into alinement if they were slightly out. In other words it may be a good back stretch.

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