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How do I figure out what colors look good with my hair, eye and skin tone?

Asked by erikaziger (345points) May 1st, 2011

I don’t think this can be solved by opposites on the color wheel. Is there some way to use a palette to determine what color looks best on a person (skin, hair, eyes)?? thanks

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You need to find out based on your hair, skin tone, eye color and such if you are a winter, spring, summer or fall color… from there its easy. Here is a website that might help you site

When I had taken Fashion Design in High School we had to learn this concept, it helps when trying to design something for yourself and others if you apply the concept. Like I am what is considered to be Fall for my coloring so I look better in greens and browns… its all explained to you on the site and also gives the pallettes of color for each of the different seasons

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You must get compliments when you wear certain colors. Personally, I think the intensity of a color is most important. I almost never wear pastels, and there are a few colors I steer away from no matter how deep the color is. Green, yellow, pink don’t do anything for me. My best colors are brown, blue, off white, red, and black. I have pale skin, with a reddish undertone, blue eyes, and medium brown hair.

What is your coloring? Brown hair, pale skin? Dark skin, black hair? Red hair? Blond?

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I agree with @JLeslie, pay attention to the compliments you receive!

My mom “had her colors done” in the seventies. She met with a specialist who told her exactly what worked for her.

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I have this book called “Color Me Beautiful” by Carole Jackson. It is helpful for figuring out the whole color-seasons thing.

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@answerjill believe it or not I get the most compliments of what I am wearing when I wear the colors that fall within my season which happen to be fall.

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One tip to offer to the above suggestions: Try wearing the same color as your eyes to bring out the eyes.

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