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Would you will be willing to have brain surgery and implants so that you can interact with your computer by thought?

Asked by HungryGuy (15994points) May 2nd, 2011

Say medical science discovers how to interface the brain with electronics as is common in many science fiction scenarios. How many of you will be willing to have brain surgery and implants so that you can interact with your computer by thought and/or be able to play a RPG game by plugging a cable from your computer or gaming console into a jack in the side of your head and experience actually walking around in the game world?

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Not me. Not at first, anyway. I’d let other people prove the techology before I was willing to try it. Of course, it probably would have been tested out the wazoo by the time it made it to market, and we would have gotten used to the idea over time.

Once I got used to it, I wouldn’t mind being able to interface with my information module through thought. If I could wear the damn thing and not have to carry all kinds of stuff (even a cell phone) around, it would be a lot easier. I try to talk to my cell phone now, but it is really stupid and can only understand me half the time.

But as soon as it was proven, I’d be all over it. I doubt if it would take much surgery. That it did take would be non-invasive.

One thing I hope they’d take care of is security. I wouldn’t want viruses getting in and messing me up. They’d mess me up with bad information, not by hurting my brain physically.

But when the problems are solved. I’ll do it. And I don’t think we’re all that far away even now.

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Something could malfunction and leave your brain permanently damaged, if not dead. Or our computers could turn on us and make us into zombies. All in all, it’s just not a good idea.

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I would wait until it was commonplace, which would probably be after I am dead.

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If my computer had any idea how many curses I send its way on a daily basis, it would be even less cooperative than it already is. It’s better kept in the dark.

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Here’s a thought. You can already walk around outside in the real world. :P

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The Outer Limits had an episode that addressed this in 1997 that convinced me I would not want this…

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Hell yeah. Bring it on.

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@jonsblond – What is this real world that you speak of? Can I steal a starship and go fight space pirates on Alpha Centauri while fleeing mutant zombies who’ve conquered my home planet?

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Nah, fuck that for a game of soldiers.

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Yes, yes, and hell yes.

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I have to say that it will be really nice and in handy.
I wouldn’t pass the opportunity.

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Of course not

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No way

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Only if it were a wireless link. If I’m going to be tethered to the computer, I’ll stick with my trusty keyboard, thanks.
Also, it would need to be a non-surgical or otherwise easily removable/modifiable solution, because you know there will be upgrades!

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“plug” into your head!? I would rather use glasses which could connect to your brain instead plug in.

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I would LOVE that, but only if it wasn’t a hardwired connection.
ANd I wouldn’t want to be the first one to try it, either.

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I asked this question at work and dear @noelleptc only one guy said yes while 10 women said yes.

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Not at first. I would observe how the first 100 million users were handling it.

Brain chips are inevitable. They will become more widespread from 2025 on. We need to debate ethical questions and the potential for misuse.

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for what my computer does now that seems totally unnecessary, the current interfaces are just fine. And at the point the thing has such interesting capabilities that I might be willing to get wired up with it, is it still a “computer” ?

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